Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Late Sunday walk

OK, it’s Monday and I’m a day late with the usual weekly walk.  The total length of the planned walk was 18km and I probably walked a slightly longer distance with some of the backtracking that had to be done when attempting to find some of the more overgrown footpaths.

I was able to record the blue sections which are footpaths that are not shown on the Open Street Map.  The green line is the Oxford Canal.

The paths in the bottom right corner are of concern because there were no signposts and some of the gates were padlocked.  In the top left the path goes very close to the following '”grim” looking building.

I thought it might be a prison but after some Google research I was only partially correct.  It’s the Prison Officer Training College, Newbold Revel.  Still looks grim.  But apparently the accommodation for the students is comfortable.  Not sure if they are locked in at night! Smile

The fields were either fallow or potato crops ready for harvest.  I still have difficulty with the concept of walking through a crop; despite the fact it’s a designated public footpath.  I will walk the path if it’s well worn.

But otherwise I’ll take the longer option and walk around the border of the field rather than tread on a crop.

There were a couple of lovely small villages during the walk.  No village ponds, but both had a small village green with a park bench seat for the weary walker.  There was even a red telephone box complete with working phone.  It’s few years since I last saw one of these!

Opposite was the village church complete with a small sign announcing the date of the harvest festival.  I think the date was 18 October.  Rather quaint!

These walks through the countryside are very interesting. 

On the way back to Waiouru I came upon a large patch of ripe blackberries at <censored> just ready for picking.  Next were three plum trees grouped together laden with small ripe plums.  Perhaps another walk tomorrow complete with plastic bags!


Halfie said...

Not sure I understand your "quaint" comment - we celebrated Harvest Festival at our church yesterday.

Tom and Jan said...

I'd never heard of it before. It seemed like something from early in the last century or earlier

Halfie said...

It's a good old traditional Christian church festival, a fixture in many church calendars, not just Anglican. You are right, though, in that the "modern" custom of celebrating the harvest in churches seems to have started in the mid-nineteenth century (according to Wikipedia).