Friday, 4 October 2013

Cold to Hot

Not talking about the weather though.  Jan has been baking using some of those recently acquired blackberries and apples.  As usual I have the rough end forcing it down my throat and there’s no one to share it with!  It’s going to take almost a week to consumer all of it! Smile

It’s currently going down with ice cream (cold) but the change in temperature means a change to custard (hot) is imminent.

Either way it’s damned delicious!

We didn’t move today but unlike the boater opposite we’re on 14 day moorings.  He has already overstayed on the 24 hour moorings and Jan heard a comment along the lines of “If they want me to pay them (CRT?) I’m not moving because I need to stay and earn some money”.  There are vacant moorings on our side but he appears well settled!

On a more positive note an email arrived today informing us that my passport is being returned by courier.  That’s good news, but of concern is…. how will the courier driver know where to find us? No doubt we’ll get that resolved in due course!

After two days of not moving I’m starting to get “Twitchy”…… I can feel a short cruise coming in the near future!


nb AmyJo said...

Its a hard life Tom but someone has to do it. Looks scrumptious though

Tom and Jan said...