Thursday, 12 September 2013

To Audlem

The first task for the day was to walk to the local Spar shop and buy Jan’s magazines.  We then headed to the first locks of the day at Hack Green.  CRT employees were working on the second lock landing and we also noticed they had finished rebuilding the damaged bridge which they had been working on when we passed this way a month ago.

The bridge in early August 2013

The bridge today

The drizzle changed to light rain at one point so we donned our shower jackets.  Jan was quite impressed with the efforts the Shropshire Canal Society makes in providing pleasant moorings.  She didn’t get a photo of the steel BBQ frames last month but managed it today.

We’ve been reading other boaters blogs and apparently some have started lighting their fires.  Today we passed two boats where the crews have worn gloves and woolly hats.  We’re not cold inside Waiouru and I suspect it will be some time before we need to light the stove.  Most of the warmth in the boat is coming from us and the cooking.  All being retained by the insulation.  However the weather has certainly changed as we are getting a small amount of condensation on the aluminium Houdini frames.

The “wally’s” were ahead of us at the start of the Audlem Locks.  They left the top gates open and then moored on the lock mooring bollards whilst they went shopping in Audlem.  Fortunately (for us) they have now moved on up the flight.

We stopped at the water point outside the “Shroppie Fly” not missing the opportunity to top up the water tank.  There is a notice on the door of the “Shroppie Fly” along with plans of the alterations to the building.  Apparently several hundreds of thousands of pounds are to be spent.  There was a vacant spot on the 24 hour moorings adjacent to the Shroppie Fly which we managed to grab.

Filling up outside the Shroppie Fly

The refurbishment plans

We elected to defer lunch and walk into the Audlem shops.  Last time we visited the butcher had some delicious sausages which meant we needed to make a repeat visit.  This time we chose different flavoured sausages and then Jan decided to buy some pork belly for a roast. 

Audlem butcher – Oxtail & Trotter

On the way back to the boat we stopped outside this lovely redevelopment in a former courtyard before calling into the Co-op for some bread and splashed out on an apple pie that had been discounted.  Dessert tomorrow night (I hope).

Looking back from tonight’s mooring

Later in the afternoon I went for a walk up the Audlem flight to take a few photos.  We are usually too busy to take photos when completing a flight of locks!

We certainly know what tomorrow holds! Smile

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