Monday, 30 September 2013

Old Compose

This next paragraph is for any reader who uses Google GMail.  If you don’t use GMail then please go to the second paragraph.  I became rather annoyed when Google recently changed the GMail interface where instead of the email writing screen being full they changed it into a smaller box.  I couldn’t see the need for the change and actually hated the smaller box.  However I’ve now discovered “Old Compose”, a plug-in for Google Chrome or Firefox.  Old Compose converts GMail back to full screen when drafting emails.  My frustration has gone!

We were getting ready to move off the 24 hour moorings beside Tesco when Jan heard the unique sound of an old working boat engine.  The boat slowly passed us (how unusual that is these days) and moored behind.

I expect many followers of boaters blogs will recognise the boat, but here is another clue.

Go it yet?

Yes, it was Jo & Keith who were making their way towards Warwick and had stopped for a Tesco shop.  We last saw them before the Foxton Locks back in May.  There was time for a coffee and a brief chat before they went shopping and we started cruising.  Along the way we passed a former Reading Marine hire boat.

Obviously it hasn’t had anything done to the paintwork since it was sold!

We stopped at the moorings near Leamington Spa railway station to collect the baby of the family and his girlfriend, Joyce.  They have to head back to Belgium on Tuesday so the plan was to cover as much ground as possible today in an effort to get to Rugby by midday Tuesday.  After a brief introduction to locks they were sent off wheel-locking.  Despite being jetlagged from their trip back from the USA they did rather well, and even managed a smile!

Joyce looks happy!

Daniel looks like he wants a cuddle!  Or maybe he’s tired and looking for some support?

All for now as we’re entertaining guests! Smile

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