Sunday, 8 September 2013

Barbridge Junction…… Again!

Peter & Margaret (nb Kelly-Louise) very kindly invited us to go to dinner with them at a local pub.  We were collected and taken to the Star at Acton.  Jan opted for a cider whilst I am getting more adventurous choosing a local ale….. but only a half!  It was a lovely evening and we’re most appreciative of the invitation.

Back at Waiouru we’ve been bashed about by passing boats that are definitely not doing tickover.  This morning I decided to use the wheelbarrow tyres we purchased from Screwfix at Crewe when we had the van from Enterprise.  Basic logic had resulted in us buying the larger diameter tyres and then I guessed they should be positioned horizontally.

They’ve actually worked very well and Waiouru no longer gets bashed against the concrete edge when boats pass.  I need to work out a more permanent method of securing them to the boat when they are required and I also need to have the bike rack on the stern modified so they can be secured to the pole when not required.

As it was Sunday we spoilt ourselves by going to the Barbridge Inn for a Sunday roast lunch.  The servings were huge and neither of use were able to clean the plate.

Jan’s roast beef

My roast lamb

The food was delicious and it’s just a pity we couldn’t fit it all in! Smile

A cooked lunch will mean a light dinner and Jan has decided to bake some bread for sandwiches.  This means I’ll be able to get the hot end crust with a slice of butter…….<yum>

Tomorrow I plan to go for a long(ish) walk and then observe Mark whilst he does the major engine service.  I could do it myself but I also want him to check all the mechanical connections in the drive chain.


Nb Duxllandyn said...

Hi Tom

We've also experienced the effects of members of the 'Shropshire Union Water-Skiing Club' passing by at excessive speeds. One morning last week we awoke to find the back of our boat unmoored and across the cut. The TWO stern mooring pins (one inserted through the other for added grip) had been completely pulled out by a rapidly passing early riser.

Since then we have taken to setting a spring mooring rope to reduce forwards/backwards movement as boats go past.

Perhaps its time to get a speed camera set up! :-)

Nb Duxllandyn

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Mike

I think they just don't care.......

We are currently on rings and have the wheelbarrow tyres deployed which has resolved some of the issue!

I don't believe there is a CRT 'rule' but one day I might get to 'naming and shaming' :-)


Nb Duxllandyn said...

Sounds like a plan, but I'd check out your personal indemnity insurance beforehand. :-)

A quick heads up that th e2013/4 CART schedule of winter stoppages (a series of annotated maps) is now online at

Might help you plan your late autumn/early spring cruising.

Nb Duxllandyn

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Mike

We should be OK with the planned stoppages as we will be in the Rugby area by early October.