Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Red Melon and Hack Green

Last night Peter and Margaret took us to the Red Melon Restaurant in Nantwich for an authentic Indian meal.  Indian food is NOT something we are familiar with and neither of us like hot curry so we placed ourselves in their experienced hands.

phone photo!

The service was excellent with attentive waiters and the food was interesting.  We shared the various dishes and whilst the food was hot that wasn’t due to any hot curry.  It was an enjoyable evening together as we discussed tentative cruising plans.

In the morning we winded Waiouru above Swanley Locks whilst Peter and Margaret took Kelly-Louise to Swanley Bridge Marina for a pump-out and to fill the diesel tank.  The heavens opened and the wind rose just as we were exiting the Hurleston Flight of locks.  We headed south through Nantwich with Waiouru leading Kelly-Louise.  Once we were past the moored boats I was able to increase engine rev’s to 1400.  Any higher and Waiouru’s stern digs in and we get too much wash.  We’ve always had the impression that Waiouru travels quite slowly but to my surprise Peter told me he was having problems keeping up with us.

There was a boat waiting at the bottom of Hack Green Locks waiting to go up and another waiting to come down.  Having two crews certainly made it quicker to pass through the two locks.  The weather forecast for the afternoon was more showers and so a decision was made to moor for the night on the 48 hour moorings above the top lock. 

The forecast for tomorrow morning is cloud with some sun and In the afternoon rain.  The plan is to cruise tomorrow morning.

The old arched farm brick bridge immediately below the top lock is undergoing some serious renovation.  There were quite a few workers breast feeding shovels which gave me the impression the work wasn’t being completed by contractors.

The bridge abutments and the inner brick arch don’t appear to have been touched.  However the carriageway has been replaced with a reinforced concrete cap.

The parapets have been replaced with new bricks although I noticed the original capping stones have been reused.

The most interesting thing at Hack Green is the not so Secret Bunker.  There appear to be signs everywhere pointing to the location.

We didn’t visit the not so Secret Bunker today.  We’ll visit it when we’re next back this way.  So I’m not going to write about why it’s secret!

Our plan for tomorrow….. Audlem here we come!  Oh, did you notice I was able to correct the problem of the oversized text in the photo copyright tag? 


Davidss said...

"There were quite a few workers breast feeding shovels which gave me the impression the work wasn’t being completed by contractors.".

I have no idea what the initial comment means, nor why it leads to the conclusion you make.

Can you explain your New Zealand English please :-)

Tom and Jan said...

A derogatory expression usually used to describe a group of council worker leaning against their shovel handles watching one of their colleagues doing the work!