Saturday, 10 August 2013


First task for the day was to drag out the two backpacks and reusable Sainsbury’s bags before heading into Aldi via the various footpaths.  Jan decided against Morrisons after her last purchase of root vegetables went rather slimy after only two days.  Most of the Tudor style building in Nantwich are rather interesting.  They look like they’re about to fall down.  The middle floor on the following appears to be toppling into the street whilst the middle section of the top floor looks like it’s collapsing inwards.

The bookshop appears to be collapsing towards the middle but also leaning towards the left.

Whereas the front of this next one looks to be collapsing inwards at the join between the middle and top floors. The upper storey with all the small leadlight windows looks to be toppling outwards.

Every window and frame must almost be unique in shape and size!  The following building is probably of a more recent era but it’s design is also interesting.

Cloud patterns in the sky walking back to Waiouru were also interesting.

If you haven’t worked it out by now I’ve been experimenting with the Canon DSLR camera.  Barry suggested I take photos in RAW format instead of JPEG.  The RAW format captures considerable more data which then gives greater control/flexibility when manipulating the file on the laptop.  I needed a plug-in for the software to load the RAW files and the change in file format has given me more options.  However I’ve also noticed it’s changed the font size in the copyright text.  That will have to be fixed.

Back on Waiouru Jan had a clean out of the food cupboards.  Her idea was to check and rotate the stock.  She has also been killing the wasps which appear to want to make uninvited inspections of the pantry.  We haven’t purchased any diesel since joining the Trent and Mersey at Shardlow and it seemed an opportune time to check the accuracy of the diesel gauge by dipping the tank.  The propulsion tank is approximately one third full (100 litres) which should get us to Turner’s Garage at Wheaton Ashton.  The other two tanks (Hurricane and Refleks) are full as we haven’t used either of them.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Don't forget that Turner's doesn't open on Sundays.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Paul,

How could I forget when I didn't know! :-)