Thursday, 1 August 2013


The fish and chips we had for dinner last night were a disappointment.  Both of us felt queasy afterwards and when Jan threw a few of the chips out the side hatch a large oil slick appeared on the surface.  After a late night discussion we think it’s probably us and not the shop.  We’ve now purchased fish & chips on a number of occasions and each time we’ve had unpleasant after effects.  We think our diet is now so low in fat that we’re intolerant to “greasies”!  Additionally, neither of us like the way the food is presented pre-cooked and kept hot under heat lamps. 

The mooring last night was beside a busy road but both of us had a good nights sleep.  We actually didn’t hear much road noise which was probably due to the double glazing and insulation.  This morning we cruised down through Kings Lock and topped up the water tank at the tap on the corner of the Middlewich Junction.  Waiouru was then turned onto the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal and we went up through Wardle Lock stopping on the 48 hour moorings shortly thereafter.

Looking back to the junction from Wardle Lock

Our current mooring is quite attractive.

You can just see Waiouru’s canopy three boats down.  It’s a very nice straight section of canal spanned by three attractive brick arched bridges.  So why the hell did the boat smash into us! I jumped from my chair in shock at the noise and Jan was almost thrown from the family throne.  I threw open the side hatch to see what had occurred and the steerer said to me “Sorry about that!” before going on to smash into the left abutment on the next bridge.  Jan has suggested we fit a seatbelt to the throne in case there is a repeat occurrence!

Obviously a majority of boaters don’t know what “tick-over” means as we’ve noticed so many of them motor past with the speed control in the half way position.  At lunch time a boat roared past us bouncing Waiouru around on her mooring ropes.  We had tears of laughter in our eyes at the sign in one of their windows “Please slow down for moored boats!”

In the afternoon I went for a walk around Middlewich.  During the walk I saw no buildings of specific interest but did read a plaque saying Middlewich was already established when the Romans were in England.  “wich” apparently means salt and Middlewich, Nantwich, and Northwich were all known for their salt extraction industries.   Salt is still extracted at a large plant on the SE corner of the town.  Last time we passed this way (2003) there was a large Bisto factory on the outskirts of Middlewich.  The factory has gone and the site levelled.  Another UK industry must have departed off-shore?  There is a small Tesco Express on the main street but if you bother to look behind the street to the west there is an even larger Tesco.  One wonders why there are two Tesco stores so close together.  Apparently a House of Correction was built in the 1630’s on the site of the current police station.  The occupants were there for minor crimes undergoing hard labour and at the end of their sentence the men were whipped in the Bull Ring. 

Later they just sent them to Australia! Smile


Alf said...

In fact there are 3 Tesco's the 3rd one is in Warmingham Lane, there is also a (newish) Morrisons at the top of the town on the A4 plus a good Lidle near the Morrisons, House still for sale !! open to offers !! ;o)

Alf said...

"Later they just sent them to Australia" looking up the rellies eh !!

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Having been told and put on drugs for having high Cholesterol plus having as much as possible a low fat diet I often find the same thing with Fish and Chip so don't often indulge any more.
But temptation is still great at times.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Alf

Yes... I've been into all three Tesco's and saw the Lidl during my walk.

Must be something wrong with the house if it hasn't sold by now!

Tom and Jan said...

The Aussie might tell you their ancestors were sent for minor crimes. but would you really do that. No... They were thieves murderers and prostitutes!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Brian & Diana,
Yes, we hadn't learned our lesson. From now on we'll stick to home baked fish & chips.