Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cholmondeston Lock

After topping up the water tank using the tap at the Middlewich Junction we turned left onto the shortest canal in England before heading south-west towards Barbridge at 7.30am this morning.  I sounded the horn and Jan called out but Alf must have been heavily into counting sheep as there was no reply! Smile

I’ve been meaning to post the following photo of a boat with the most number of solar panels I’ve seen to date.  The cabin roof and sides appeared to be covered in them.

The passage through Wardle Lock went well but unfortunately that was the only lock where things went smoothly.  The remaining four locks all had queues and a number of the boats had “Ladies who lunch” on board. For those who haven’t previously heard the expression you need to read Jan’s post (nb Qisma <here>) on the subject.  As a consequence Margaret and Jan worked on average four boats through at every lock.

The farm house and stables looked attractive. I think the stables had been turned into one or maybe two houses.  However the exterior of the building has been retained with a number of the doors being false.

The farm house

The adjacent stables

There are some good views across the valley looking north as the canal contours around the high ground.

We stopped for the day on the 48 hour moorings above Cholmondeston Lock.  Peter and I wanted to go to the boys toyshop (chandlery) at Venetian Marina.  Margaret and Jan accompanied us (because they had the money) to ensure there was some financial control over our activities.  In the end we splashed out on four ice creams.  The chandlery isn’t quite the “Aladdin's Cave” you find a Kings Lock Chandlery.

Looking back at Venetian Marina from Cholmondeston Lock

In the afternoon Peter lovingly polished the starboard side of Kelly-Louise with his recently purchased bottle of Craftmaster boat polish whilst Jan and Margaret picked damson plums and apples.  I went off foraging for blackberries and returned with a third of a 2 litre ice cream container.  I’m going to have to keep on foraging if we are to make enough blackberry jam for the next year!

Our cruise with Peter & Margaret ends tomorrow when they turn left at Barbridge Junction and head for home whilst we turn right towards Chester.  It’s been most enjoyable cruising with them and hopefully we’ll be able to repeat the experience.

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Alf said...

07.30 !! That's too early even if I had not been working 'till gone 22.00 the night before !!
Yes, the house is for sale, we did rent it out for a while whilst we were away on the boat, but have decided that full time life afloat is for us, so need to sell up to make the idea workable. Safe trip, see you around somewhere.