Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Audlem and the internet signal is poor!

The day finished on the 48 hour moorings after going up 13 locks of the Audlem Flight.  After a good night’s sleep we headed off this morning at 8.00am with nb Kelly-Louise leading.  This gave us an opportunity to check the engine rev’s we’d need to maintain the same speed as Peter & Margaret.  The morning was overcast so we wore our fleece’s until we reached Audlem.  Last time we passed this way in 2003 Overwater Marina wasn’t there.  Or if it was we don’t remember it!

Some people choose very clever names for their boats.  We wondered it this owner was one of them?

We locked up through the first lock mooring in the pound before walking to the wharf and then into the village.

On the non towpath side is George’s Pork & Poultry Stall complete with honesty boxes.  I recall reading something about a dispute between a stall holder and CRT and think this might be the stall?

The “Shroppie Fly” pub was open although there was a notice stating it was also undergoing renovation.

Jan and Margaret had a good wander around the two floors of handicrafts and souvenirs in the Audlem Mill Canal Shop but exited with empty hands.

We then wandered up into the village.  Jan and Margaret visited the butcher’s where Jan purchased some locally made sausages.  She is going to cook them tomorrow so judgement will have to be delayed until then.  I took this photo because I liked the large double doors.  It suggested to me that the gateway might have led to a former coach house, although they don’t appear to have sufficient height.

Opposite was the Bridge Inn, one of three pubs we saw whilst walking around Audlem.

Peter pointed out the large rock and plaque beside the village bus stop.

So the bear was prevented from fleeing by being chained to the rock.  It would probably have been a fight to the death between the bear and the dogs.  No bears in England…….. Guess that means most of the time the dogs won!

Back on Waiouru there were several hours of physical activity as Jan locked us up another 12 locks in the flight to reach tonight’s mooring.

Going up

Looking back

Part of the way up there was a lone brick building.  Initially I assumed it was former horse stables but the volunteer lockie told me the horse stables are at the bottom of the flight beside the winding hole.  This building housed the canal blacksmith and joiner’s shops.  They were responsible for doing the maintenance on the locks.


Derek and Dot said...

I noticed all the union jacks flying from all the buildings in Audlem. Same as when we were last there, nice touch.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Dot & Derek,
I guess if the flags were flying then it must have been windy :-)