Monday, 1 July 2013

Looks like we’re being stalked!

After a broken nights sleep we were both up early and away cruising by 7.30am.  The map showed a water point just before Bishop Meadow lock and when I suddenly noticed a white water point post I quickly pulled in and started filling the tank.  Then I realised we hadn’t reached the water point and were actually on a CRT long term mooring that happened to have a tap.  Oh well…… pretend you know what you’re doing and try to blend in.  Jan noticed a tall, distinguished, well dressed gent was observing what was going on  took a photo of her fat, elderly, grey haired husband trying to look nonchalant.
The range of dwellings beside the river was quite interesting.  Jan rather liked this particular home.
Although we might be able to stretch the budget to one like this
If we can’t then we can always join the Clampett’s.
I’m sure Granny, Elle-May and Jethro wouldn’t mind!
The church at Normanton on Soar looked rather attractive but there was no time to stop as we pressed on towards Kegworth.
There must be a few hundreds of tonnes of stone in the spire.  I wonder how far down the foundations go.  Especially as it’s close to the River Soar?  Unfortunately my quick Google search didn’t reveal that piece of information.
Jan pointed out the two house boats moored just before Kegworth.  They look like a large bath tub to me!
A conservatory at one end and a large bay windows at the other
Still not my idea of boating!
Timing was perfect at Kegworth New Deep Lock as we met two narrowboats on the way up with a third waiting at the bottom.
There are a number of stop locks on the Soar and at this time of the year they are normally open at both ends.  Makes locking much easier! Smile
In the distance we could see the cooling towers of Ratcliffe Power Station and it was rather obvious where all the high voltage transmission lines adjacent to the canal were going to terminate.
Jan had put a load of washing one whilst we were cruising.  It’s the second time she has done a hot wash in the machine rather than the usual cold wash.  The Smartgauge has shown an Error 11 message both times.  My assumption is the electrical demand from the washing machine has caused the problem.  If we are going to do the occasional hot wash then we need to think of a way of adding hot water from the calorifier rather than attempting to heat cold water using the 240v element in the machine.
The engine on Waiouru stalled as we attempted to depart from Ratcliffe Lock.  When I restarted it and engaged the propeller it stalled a second time.  Obviously something major was jamming the propeller.  It was rather opportune this occurred whilst Waiouru was in the lock rather than out on the river.  I did the “down the weed hatch trick” but it’s almost impossible to reach the bottom of the propeller and the water wasn’t sufficiently clear to see if there was an obstruction.  However I couldn’t turn the propeller by hand so either there was an obstruction or the shaft/gearbox had seized.  I was about to have a look in the engine bay when I had this flash of brilliance idea.  I restarted the engine and very gentling engaged reverse.  The propeller turn!  I then engaged forward and the obstruction had been cleared.  I must remember that trick for the next occasion!
We’re now moored on some 14 day bollards opposite Redhill Marina.  Jan is attempting to make the most of the weather and get the washing dry whilst I sit inside feeling sorry for myself and hoping this damned cold I’ve been given departs very soon.
Oh….. I’m starting to believe we are being stalked.  Waiouru hadn’t been moored more than 10 minutes when there was a tap on the side hatch window.
I’m sure they are the same family that came calling at our previous four moorings.  Same aggressive “hiss”.  Big birds with small brains.  You don’t “hiss” at people when you’re begging for food!


Diane and Ray said...

You could always put hot water into the machine through the soap dispenser. Reduces the amount of water the washing machine has to heat up.N B Ferndale

Tom and Jan said...

Yes, we might also try adding hot water to the bowl before starting the machine. I've read some w/m will check and empty the bowl before starting a cycle so we'll have to see if the Candy will allow us to add water via the bowl.

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I think Sue (No Problem) has both hot and cold pipes with taps joining into the feed to the washing machine. You just need to make sure you have only one turned on at a time, and the right one at the right time in the cycle. In practice, if you only run the washing machine when the engine is running and there’s lots of hot water does it matter if the feed is hot only and you always do hot washes?

They are flood locks rather than stop locks. The flood locks are only closed in a flood, which usually means you shouldn’t be navigating so they stop boats. Stop Locks don’t stop boats but ensure the newer canal company can’t steal water from another when canals join.

Sue said...

Hot and Cold pipes tee’d off the one fill with variable water-flow taps, so I could have hot, warm or cold as I wish and just run it on the tap symbol for a cold wash.

Hope that explains?

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Paul & Sue,
Yes, I could modify the plumbing. It would be the most expensive option and I'm not sure where I could fit the variable flow taps to gain access. The good news is there is a hot water pipe running beside the w/m cold inlet connection.