Monday, 8 July 2013

Do you understand the logic?

I certainly don’t understand why the crew did this?  We have moored above Shardlow Lock leaving the lock landing free for all those boaters needing to transit through the lock.

As we anticipated, few boats passed us in the morning.  We expected the afternoon to be busier as the majority of the weekend boaters head back down through the lock on their way home to the various marinas in Shardlow or Sawley.  To our astonishment a fibreglass cruiser moored on the lock landing immediately in front of the lock.  The folding chairs were set out on the towpath and they settled down to drinks.  Logic tells me they know mooring on the lock landing; especially immediately in front of the lock; is an inconvenience to all the other boaters attempting to use the lock.  I can only assume they are so damned arrogant they just don’t care!

As it was Sunday we rested for the day, although Jan took advantage of the fine weather to do another load of washing.  It dried very quickly on the rotary clothesline and she is now thinking of washing the bed linen after our cruise tomorrow. 

We chose the Navigation Inn in Shardlow for our Sunday roast lunch and both opted for the combined pork and beef (two slices of each meat).  The meal was very good.  So much that we had a nano nap on our return to Waiouru.

The other local pub, The Clock Warehouse, was also very busy and it appeared a group of steamboat enthusiast's had chosen it as their lunch location.

A very lazy day!  Another hour should see the mercury fall and I’ll then head off for a local walk. 

Cruising recommences tomorrow!

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Kevin said...

Welcome to South Derbyshire Tom & Jan :)

I've only just caught up with your blog after having been away for a couple of weeks, ymy haven't you two been busy!! LOL

If it was possible to turn right onto the Derby Canal at Swarkestone you would evenually reach my back door just after Shelton Lock... but as they haven't dug it out yet I guess it'll be an open invite for some time in the future. LOL

All the best,