Wednesday, 10 July 2013


A four hour cruise and we have arrived on the eastern outskirts of Burton-on-Trent.  The weather was warm and still which resulted in an almost mirror surface to the water. The only lock for the day (Stenson Lock) gave us quite a fright.  Jan only raised one ground paddle yet the current was so strong it dragged Waiouru towards the front of the lock despite me having the boat going full astern with maximum rev’s. 

Entering Stenson Lock.

Of course we would frighten ourselves in front of an audience.  The former lock keepers cottage is now a tea rooms and a number of the patrons immediately left their seats to see what all the excitement was about.

I still think we are being stalked.  Although Jan tells me they are just following us around.  Ten faces through the side hatch.  It’s starting to become too much!

Even the CRT grass cutting contractors have been following us since Shadlow.  Each time we stop and moor they pass us.  Even when we motor away from them they reappear in front of us cutting in the opposite direction.

On a more positive note we’ve been trying to take a photo of a Heron for ages but every time the damned thing flies off before we can get it into focus.  Not today… We finally succeed.

Of course this one is made of concrete! Smile

The moorings in Willington looked rather attractive and we were tempted to moor until a couple of trains noisily passed on the other side of the tree line.  We topped up the water tank on the CRT facilities opposite the small park (water pressure was OK once I’d removed the kinks from our hose!)

As we crossed the canal aqueduct over the River Dove both of us commented on the adjacent stone bridge.

If my research is correct then this bridge dates from the 14th century and is now only used for foot traffic.  If we come back this way I’d like to have more time to have a closer look.

We’d only been moored a short time when nb Chuffed passed with Debby calling out to Jan that she reads our blog (someone else with too much time on their hands Smile).  It was one of those fleeting chats when boats are passing each other.  Debby, Dave & Tess (the dog) have their own blog.  The link is here <click here>.

Later in the afternoon I took a long walk down the towpath and then into Burton-on-Trent where I wandered around finding nothing of significance except the local B&Q where I managed to purchase two snap coupling.  The reason for this will be explained in a later post.

Back at Waiouru and the white dome can’t find the ‘dot in the sky’.  I can’t be bothered erecting the terrestrial aerial so we will watch a few things on the Network Media Tank tonight instead.

Another cruising day tomorrow, but Paul I can’t see us reaching bridge 68!


Michele Howard said...

I sympathise with you about Stenson Lock. We have been through there 5 times since Oct 2012. One of those was in the dark and rain, going up and I was steering. NEVER AGAIN ! I could not see Andrew at the paddles and he could not see or hear me. I have since renamed it the 'Washing Machine lock' :-(

Kevin said...

Well thanks for passing through South Derbyshire, perhaps next time we can arrange for you to apply the brakes and slow down so that we can meet? :)

Stenson Lock cafe is my mothers' favourite place at the moment for Sunday morning brunch. But you should hear her tutting at the boaters antics in the lock. Of course she's such an expert herself after spending one week on a hire boat doing the four counties ring a few years ago... LOL

Enjoy the summer while it lasts :)


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Michele,
We learned a good lesson at Stenson Lock and are rethinking our locking technique.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Kevin,

It is slower than walking speed you know! :-) We've actually done 12 miles in the last 4 days.... No wonder we both feel exhausted....