Saturday, 6 July 2013

Back at the River Trent

Another early wake-up with Jan about before 5.00am and me rising at 5.30.  My excuse was the cough but Jan is starting to make a habit of the early mornings.  There was time for another quick look around Langley Mill Basin where Jan was able to correct my earlier comment about there NOT being an elsan point.  There is one!  It’s on the opposite side of the small brick building that has the toilet and water tap.  I also took a photo of the Pump House.

I had been wondering where the basin managed to get it’s water from and now I know.  There’s back pumping which obviously involves the pump house.

We departed the basin at 8.00am sharp in the company of Ian & Julie (nb Dilligaf).  The plan was to navigate all the way to the bottom of the Erewash rather than break the journey with an overnight stop at Sandiacre.  As it was Friday we didn’t think mooring in Sandiacre opposite the Red Lion Pub on Kareoke night was a good idea.

As it turned out we had a much better run going down.  The Pearsons Guide stated the first page would be done in 3 hours and we did it in 1½ hours.  That set the tone for most of the journey.  On the way up both Jan and I thought there was a pub around a bend as we could see the sign.  We took a photo of it on the way back down.

No pub…. The sign is in a scrapyard!

The top two thirds of the locks were in our favour and some even had the top gates open.  Must be time to buy a Lotto ticket!.  However that changed just before Sandiacre when we started to meet boats coming up the canal.  Jan was fascinated by the young Coot chicks with their red faces.  Obviously the colour changes to white when they become adults.

If anyone is interested the Bridge Inn is for sale.  It has a canal-side beer garden but actually doesn’t appear to look that popular.

We did the usual Erewash trick and stopped for lunch in a lock.  There are so few boats doing this canal It doesn’t seem to disrupt any other boaters cruising plans.  At the lock just below Sandiacre we met a steam powered launch waiting to go up through the lock.

Last time was saw a steam powered launch was on the Thames in May when there were actually two travelling together.  At lower Long Eaton we hit a stretch of heavy weed and numerous urban jellyfish.  Progress slowed to less than a snails pace and eventually (after many trips down the weed hatch) we resorted to travelling with the weed hatch cover removed so we could see what was happening.  At the footbridge immediately before Trent Lock the weed finally cleared and we were able to make some progress. We managed to find a mooring on the end of the 48 hours designated moorings.  Being hot and tired after a long day we locked Waiouru and headed to the pub for a couple of cool drinks.  Dinner has now been cooked and eaten.  The dishes are done and it’s time to relax.

Thoughts on the Erewash.  We’re pleased we did it but we won’t be coming back.  The second (upper) half is quite attractive but there were just too many trips down the week hatch to make it enjoyable.  Tomorrow we head towards Fradley Junction.


Diane and Ray said...

Hi Jan and Tom we are leaving stone and heading your way so hopefully we can meet up.NB Ferndale

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Diane & Ray,
We'll probably pass each other as we're probably going to head up the T&M through Stone onwards. Perhaps to Middlewich and then turn West towards Chester and the Llangollen.

Unknown said...

we've just come back from Llangollen - It's a lovely canal but gets very busy from now until early September.

nb Rodbaston