Friday, 19 July 2013

Another early start

With eight locks between us and the next good mooring location it was unlikely yesterday’s plan of waiting for a boat to pass in the opposite direct was going to work today. Jan put on a load of washing as we moved off towards the first of the eight locks.  There was a water point between the 2nd and 3rd lock so we stopped to fill the tank and wait for the washing cycle to finish. 

I think this might be the first horse tunnel we’ve come across whilst on Waiouru.  It’s adjacent to the lock and provides towpath access under the busy road. We did the Four Counties Ring in 2003 so must have seen it on that trip but it’s surprising how much of the canal doesn’t look familiar.

Roger Fuller’s Boatyard is just after Newcastle Road Lock and their website indicates they specialise in the construction of replica working boats.  It’s also where nb Hadar (Keith & Jo’s boat) was built.

Butty Star moored adjacent to Roger Fuller’s yard

The mercury was already starting to rise and after the 4th lock (Lime Kiln) Jan reboarded Waiouru for a ride to the Meaford flight of four locks.  Around the corner and onto the straight pound we passed another well known blogging couple.  Moored in a patchwork of grey primer was Seyella.

No… Geoff isn’t praying for some relief from all the sanding. 

Mags popped her head out the side hatch to say hello.  She looked rather well after her recent health scare.  There was only time for a brief chat before we pushed on.  Geoff & Mags will be in the area for a few weeks as Seyella is booked in to one of the covered Canal Cruising company sheds so Geoff can apply the final topcoats.  Rather him than me!

Jan had a hard day of locking as all but two of the eight locks today had to be turned (emptied before Waiouru could enter).  The one advantage is they were all reasonably close together.  Cruising stopped at 11.00am to avoid the full heat of the day.

Now moored out in the peace of the countryside.  There’s a railway line about 300 metres away but the noise is minimal.  The laundry has been hung on the stern rotary clothesline and in this heat will be dried by mid afternoon.


Chas and Ann said...

Hi Tom n Jan,

Pleased to have met you. Sorry but we did not realise who you were at the time!

Chas n Ann

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Chas & Ann,

No doubt there will be many more opportunities to catch up again!

Tom & Jan