Saturday, 8 June 2013

Someone’s lost their balls!

An even earlier start to the cruising this morning with a 7.30am departure from Walford Wharf.  The strategy was to slip down the Walford Arm avoiding oncoming boats.  We hadn’t gone 150 metres before meeting a boat moving towards us.  A locally moored boat with the same idea about the best time to move up to the facilities block.  Fortunately we were able to pass each other on a wide spot before moving on to the Walford Lock which Jan worked us through.
We didn’t leave the gate partially open….. It occurred after we’d left!
The trip down the Arm went as we’d planned and at the junction we turned right heading towards Husbands Bosworth Tunnel hoping we’d be early enough to avoid other boats.  Two fallen trees had partially blocked the canal a couple of bends before the entrance to the tunnel.  They were well and truly dead which indicated to us they’d been there for some time.  Actually one was quite hard to see as initially it looked like a reflection on the water.
I’m not sure whether going through wide tunnels is easier or harder than the narrow version.
Southern portal to Husbands Bosworth Tunnel
The tunnel was actually reasonably dry.  Probably due to the fact we’d both donned our raincoats!  The plan to avoid oncoming boats appeared to work; although they may been deterred by our loud and off-key singing during the transit.
At the far end we discovered someone had lost their balls in the canal.  I considered fishing them out with a small fishing net the boat hook but decided they may have been deliberately left there.
This stretch of the summit pound is attractive with the sunlight filtering through the trees and the pollen floating on the calm surface of the canal.  We arrived at our planned mooring location just before 10.00am and moored to have morning tea (actually cocoa & coffee).  It was still quite early so the plan changed and we moved off to the next marked mooring location hoping there would be a vacant spot.  The canal is actually rather quiet which made us quite optimistic about our chances.  There was plenty of room with only one other boat on the mooring. 
Tonight’s mooring
Actually the other boat was very familiar as we’ve been reading their blog for some years.
nb Hadar
We had a most interesting afternoon sitting out on the tow path with Keith, Jo and Paddy.  The world’s problems have been identified and potential solutions identified! Smile I had read on a blog that Keith had a method for tying mooring ropes without using a knot and wanted to know how it was done.  He very kindly demonstrated the methods for the bow and stern lines.  Paddy is a delight and very obedient!  It was very interesting to hear Keith & Jo’s comments and advice regarding other parts of the network we’ve yet to explore.  Now all we have to do is remember it all!
The big decision is whether to stay here an additional day or move on towards Foxton Locks tomorrow.


Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Thank you for a wonderful days chatter. It was an absolute joy to be in your company and I am quite sure Paddy enjoyed himself as well. Look forward to seeing you somewhere, sometime. Happy cruising xxxx

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Jo,

It was lovely to finally meet and please thank Keith for all the advice. I'm now using his mooring line method.
We also look forward to a future meeting somewhere!