Thursday, 27 June 2013

Some pretty countryside

Last night’s mooring at Thurmaston was very peaceful but despite that Jan was awake very early (5.00am) and I followed slightly later.  We missed a visit from Lesley (a local) who has lived in NZ and recognised the name on the side of the boat.  Lesley was out for an early morning dog walk and thought we might be asleep. That’s a bit of a disappointment as we would have loved to chat.

Thurmaston Mooring

There was some very attractive countryside during today’s cruise to Loughborough.  We were quite fortunate in being able to pair up for all but the first lock which halved the workload.

At Mountsorrel Lock and a stop at The Waterside Inn was very tempting.  However we pushed on (well more drifted on.  The waterfront properties on the outskirts of Barrow on Soar started to look interesting.

Jan’s garden

“Do you have them in a matching pair?”

The services at Barrow on Soar are rather attractive.

We stopped to fill the water tank and whilst waiting Jan cut some ‘doorstop’ cheese & ham sandwiches for lunch.  There was a pub opposite with a couple sitting in the sunny beer garden.  More temptation!

On the services mooring.  With lunch finished we disposed of the rubbish and waited for the tank to fill before heading further north.

From a distance this sign confused the hell out of me.  I went into full reverse trying to work out whether to follow the sign and turn left or continue straight ahead.

From a distance all I could see was the big arrow and the word ‘Private’.  Jan joined me and decided we should follow the arrow.  As usual; she was right!

We found a quiet off-side mooring with rings just before the centre of Loughborough where we will spend the night.  Tomorrow the plan is to go into town to hit the supermarkets! Smile

Mid afternoon we had a visit from David.  He and his wife Karen had their narrow dutch barge fitted out (badly) by Ben Harp.  David was telling me when they took delivery much of the boat was 180° wrong.  Turn the wheel to the left and the boat went right.  Turn on the hot tap and get cold water.  turn on the cold and get hot.  The engine cooling system was connected in reverse.  The alternators weren’t connected, etc. 

David assisted us when we had our own problems trying to get possession of Waiouru, for which we’ll be eternally grateful.

David & Jan on Waiouru

I very much wanted to see David & Karen’s boat as I’ve been reading their blog about the efforts they have been making to rebuild db Trudy-Ann.  David kindly took me back to Pillings Marina where Trudy-Ann is moored and showed me what he has been doing.

Apparently one of the first things Karen did was sand off the name “Ben Harp Narrowboat Builders” and repaint the stern.

Inside David has rebuilt the forward two thirds and plans to have the rest completed by the end of September.

The galley is almost complete which will allow him to reinstate the appliances.  Correcting everything has been a mammoth task and I admire David’s tenacity and motivation to keep going.  I think he must have been working on the project for approximately five years. 

It’s interesting seeing inside a narrow dutch barge.  There’s no tumblehome and I think the gunwales are higher.  However it felt quite spacious inside.  This was probably due to the light ash finish.  Best of luck with the project David.  I’m going to keep reading your blog to follow your progress.


NB Muleless said...

Hi Tom and Jan
Great picture of Muleless - what a surprise to see her on your blog!
We were visiting the yard yesterday (Wednesday) and were sorry to have missed you. She is coming along nicely now - only a few more weeks before launch!
Gary and Della
NB Muleless

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Gary & Della

Hopefully there will be another occasion for a meeting. We can almost feel your anticipation of the delivery from MGM :-)

All the best

Tom & Jan