Sunday, 30 June 2013

Message from heaven

The bitumen surface on the footpath to Sainsbury’s needs to be repaired as we’ve worn a groove in it today.  After breakfast I walked to the Town Basin to see if there was a vacant mooring close to Sainbury’s.  Unfortunately a boat pulled into the last mooring as I arrived.  Oh well, it just meant longer round trips with the sack trolley.  Consequentially our morning was spent travelling between Waiouru and Sainsbury’s.

Jan has checked back through her financial records and our last major supermarket restock was late May.  After three trips to Sainsbury’s the cupboards have been filled.  There was a final trip back to the basin to dispose of the rubbish.

It was a lazy afternoon with us sitting in the folding chairs beside the towpath enjoying the sun.

Yes… she’s still there Jan!

I slipped away to the nearby B&Q for 30 minutes to purchase a replacement 4.5mm HSS drill bit and I will now be able to fit the final handrail cleat. 

We were standing and chatting this afternoon to Fran (nb Tamara) moored behind us. 

Fran on nb Tamara

She reads this blog…… Why???  Fran had recently left a comment on the blog providing instructions on where to find a large Tesco in Leicester near to the canal. The conversation was interrupted by a noisy helicopter hovering overhead. 

I had a suspicion the UKBA might have come early for me when a booming voice from the sky started sending instructions to the people on the “blue boat”.  Hang on……Waiouru is grey.  <phew>  Looks like I got away from them this time!  After such a close shave we’ve decided to move tomorrow and find ourselves a rural mooring.  Preferably under a tree! Smile


Davidss said...

The helicopter incident has made it to CWDF!

Tom and Jan said...

They'd have found me in north Leicester.... Wrong coloured face!

John R said...

Enjoy your English summer, whilst we have a 23c sunny day here in Perth WA today and it is WINTER time too!!

Tom and Jan said...

You're just trying to rub salt in the wound! :-) But I haven't forgotten the Perth flies!