Saturday, 29 June 2013

Liquid day….. so a change of plan

Woke to the sound of raindrops on the houdini hatch and lay in bed watching them splatter on the double glazing.  Who wants to move in the rain?  Who needs to move in the rain?  Not us… so we’re staying right where we are!   Isn’t this non-timetabled lifestyle great.

It actually stopped for a couple of hours before lunch so we decided on another walk into Loughborough.  Jan wanted to visit a wool shop she had found on the internet.  It appears to have either closed or moved, but there was another around the corner.  Nothing purchased and Jan appeared to be happy with some eye candy.  There was another open market in the town centre but not the same number of stalls as yesterday.

We just wandered around the town before slowly heading back towards Waiouru.  Jan pointed out the Elf Shop where she bought the bread yeast yesterday.

Blurred photo taken with the phone.

Apparently they sell a large range of elf food and mineral supplements.  Around the corner was the Chinese supermarket and in my excitement I forgot to take a photo.  We browsed around inside purchasing a bottle of oyster and sweet chilli sauce plus some packets of frozen dim sims and steamed buns which are now in the freezer.  The last stop was at Sainsbury’s where we had considered having lunch in their cafe.  The menu didn’t look appealing so we purchased all the lighter items on Jan’s long list before walking back to Waiouru

In the afternoon I started the engine to charge the batteries whilst Jan had a lie down on the bed and watched the small TV.  Meanwhile I went off with the sack trolley to fill the jerricans. 

On my return I started to write this post when my subconscious told me there was a strange rattling noise from the stern.  SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH THE ENGINE!  I raced to the stern and then realised the rattle wasn’t coming from the engine bay.  Backtracking, I discovered it was in the galley.  The grilling tray was rattling around inside the oven grill compartment! <phew>

The plan for tomorrow is to moor in the Town Basin (provided there is a vacant mooring) and go to Sainsbury’s with the sack trolley and buy all the bulk heavy items (flour, beer, milk, beer, soft drinks, sugar, beer, frozen’s, beer and meat.  Did I mention the beer?


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

It sounds like you’ll have to get organised with the Tesco home delivery service for the flour, milk, soft drinks, sugar, frozen’s and meat so you can carry more beer on the sack trolley.

Tom and Jan said...

The extra trolley runs will compensate for the additional beer :-)