Thursday, 20 June 2013

Kilby Bridge

Another lazy start to the day departing last night’s mooring at 9.00am.  We cruised for half a mile and as we passed nb Sylvia the crew asked if we’d like to double up through the locks.  We, of course, jumped at the opportunity to halve the workload and spent a pleasant three hours in the company of Paul & Jackie working our way down through six locks to Kilby Bridge.

nb Sylvia leads Waiouru

The first four locks were against us and then we met a single boater at Tythorn Lock which made the last two much easier.  Jackie & Paul filled their water tank at the Kilby Bridge services and then headed towards Leicester whilst we managed to grab a mooring immediately in front of the 48 hour moorings opposite the services.  Jan put the washing machine on whilst we were moving and there is now a load of wet laundry to dry on the rotary clothesline.  We’ll probably stay at Kilby Bridge for a few days; perhaps the weekend; before heading towards Leicester.

The Mio has now been recording our route for two days and today I uploaded the trace to the laptop.  It’s very accurate.

Waiouru’s route is the red line and is accurately shown in the canal (no overland travelSmile).  The gps in the Mio is obviously very accurate as it even shows Waiouru moving against the lock moorings (blue arrows below)

Knowing where you are in real time and receiving advanced warning of locks and services, etc is certainly an advantage. 

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