Thursday, 13 June 2013

Are we being stalked?

Not according to John and Margaret (nb Phoebe) who appeared two boats in front of us at Market Harborough this morning.  We last saw them at the top of the Foxton Flight where John introduced himself as a long term blog reader.  Their cruising plans are as fluid as ours.  Anyway, it was nice to have the time for a longer conversation and find they have a link to Sydney where their son now lives.  Apparently they spend Christmas in Sydney most years which, in our opinion, is one way of swapping snow for flies!

John on Phoebe

Thank you to those blog readers who have sent suggestions on how to get our mail using the Post Restante system.  This morning I did what I should have done yesterday and walked back into the post office at Market Harborough to enquire whether they operated a Post Restante service.   They do!  We have decided to continue slowly cruising and will catch a bus back to the post office next week to collect our mail.  Hopefully it will have arrived by then.

It was great having family and friends visit us and spend the day cruising from Foxton to Market Harborough.  My ego was puffed when my brother-in-law sincerely complemented me on my 14 12 9 point turn winding Waiouru in the Wharf basin. Smile

We left Market Harborough at midday and slowly cruised back towards Foxton with the engine doing 1250rpm.  It didn’t take much longer than going there at 1500rpm and we only collected leaves once instead of the four times during the earlier trip.  We’re now moored on the 48 hour mooring between Foxton and the junction.  We had to push Waiouru back 4 metres so the dome could find the dot in the sky and then Jan hung out the washing which had been done during the cruise.  At was a late lunch (for us) around 2.00pm.

The clothes line has certainly paid for itself

In the afternoon I walked back towards the locks and took a photo of the field of Red Campion we saw on the way up to Market Harborough.  We now know the name of the plant from a comment left by Debbie & Dave of nb Chuffed (thanks guys).

I’m not sure why there would be a field full of Red Campion because as far as I can establish there are no known uses for the plant except as a herbal remedy for snake bites.  The farmer must know something that I don’t!

Looking across the countryside we could see a tower and church steeple in the distance.  I’m curious… I want to walk there and explore.  Perhaps tomorrow!

The Tower House and the parish church of St Helen Gumley

I love coming upon these quintessential English church steeples protruding through the treeline.  The plan is to stay here two days and then move on towards Debdale Marina.  At the moment we’re just killing time waiting for the mail to arrive.

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