Monday, 24 June 2013

A short walk through South Wigston

After my recent description of South Wigston the opportunity to go and have a look was irresistible.  The round trip was slightly longer than 6km with most of that along the towpath.  At Jacobs Crackers Lock I turned away from the canal and headed north through a grass reserve and then a field of thigh high grass.

Looking back to the lock (white tips of the lock gates and paddles can just be seen)

The housing around this part of South Wigston looked very tidy and solid middle-class.  However the dwellings to the left of the field of grass (west side) were decidedly less tidy and older.

Walking across the vacant field of grass.  It’s private property with public access permitted.

At the far side of the field is a short path that gives access to an industrial estate.

A quick left turn followed by a right and a second left brought me to this place.  Of course I had a shopping list!

So if you’re on the Leicester branch of the Grand Union there is access to a Tesco in South Wigston from Jacobs Crackers Lock.  The route can be seen in the following screen dumps.

The blue arrow points to the location of the services and moorings at Kilby Bridge.

Walk north up the grass reserve and cross the road to the field.  Walk to the top of the ridge and then north through the field to the treeline where there is a path. Follow Magna Road to Tesco.  The walk is approximately one kilometre.

Oh,  almost everyone seemed to be ‘normal’.  Only saw one ‘Chav’ who I happened to notice wandering around inside Tesco looking like he was lost!

We had a Sunday roast at the local pub (The Navigation) with both of us choosing the pork.  There was no way we were going to be able to eat all the vegetables and after doing our best there was no room left for a dessert.  I had my eye on the lemon meringue and whilst the brain was willing the stomach said no!

A late afternoon walk around Kilby village enabled me to record four footpaths on the gps which have now been uploaded to the Open Street Map.  All the sweaty walking clothes are now in the Candy washing machine waiting for our departure tomorrow.  Actually we’ll probably complete the washing cycle before leaving here which will enable us to depart with a full water tank.  Looking at the map there doesn’t appear to be another water point until after Leicester.

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