Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Two for the price of one!

Another walk into Rugby this morning which ended at the town Museum, Library, and Visitor Information Centre.

These modern buildings are somewhat boring and we find these quirky and quaint older buildings much more interesting.  ‘The Squirrel’ pub is a good local example.

Shaped like a thin wedge with low doorways and scarcely a vertical or horizontal line in it.  A pity the exterior has been painted!  I’d like to return and have a look at the interior.

Oh…. why the walk into Rugby?  Jan had been doing some internet searching and discovered if we went to the Rugby Visitors Information Centre it was possible to purchase tickets for the Crick Boat Show this weekend on a ‘buy one get one free’ deal.  So we now have two concession tickets for the show for a total cost of £10.

Jan is very good at sniffing out a bargain! Smile

The afternoon was spent on Waiouru.  The starboard side received another wash and a second coat of polish.  Needed a beer after that effort.  Only the bow, roof and stern left to do! Sad smile The generator was also brought out of storage and run to fully charge the domestic battery bank.  Once the batteries reached the ‘Absorption’ stage the 240v immersion heater in the calorifier was switched on so there would be plenty of hot water for tonight’s showers. 

Jan cooked liver in a tasty gravy sauce for dinner and also made a bread and butter pudding from the last of the old bread. 

Tomorrow the plan is to head back into Rugby and see if we can register as patients with a local medical practice as we plan to make Rugby the ‘hub’ for our annual cruising plans.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

We look forward to seeing you at our stand in the (main) Kingfisher Marquee.

I still remember what Jan asked me last time we saw you on your way down the Tardebigge Flight as we were filming on the way up.

Halfie said...

"Jan is very good at sniffing out a bargain!" - I'll say!

I can't say we'll look out for you at Crick, because neither you nor we will be there by boat, and, more to the point, I don't think we'll be there on the Monday.

Make sure you claim your free tea and cake from the Herbies!

Tom and Jan said...

We are looking forward to the meeting. But Jan now claims she can't remember what she said to you and depending upon what it was she may deny all knowledge! LOL

Tom and Jan said...

Sorry to miss you but unfortunately we have an engagement with the UKBA contractors on the earlier dates.

BTW..... Who are the Herbies?

Halfie said...

The Herbies? Why, they're Neil and Kath of NB Herbie. You really should have them on your blogroll.

You'll have to read their post of a couple of days ago to understand about the tea and cake.

Kevin said...

Tom really... who are the Herbies?

See here,
you don't know what you've been missing :)

Tom and Jan said...

Obviously I need to go exploring more often! :-)

Nb Duxllandyn said...

Hi there
We're volunteers at the show again this year so maybe we'll get to say hello in person?
I'm pretty sure we are scheduled for the very important task of distributing / selling show guides on Monday afternoon. :-)
Hope the UKBA trip goes OK
Marian & Mike

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Marian,
How will we recognise each other? Shall I wear a silly hat! :-)

Davidss said...

More prosaic, or perhaps startling!
Is there a Search facility in this Blogger application? (I can't find it).
Say I wanted to browse your comments on OSM - how would you recommend I go about finding them?
Do I (Can I) force Google to search just your blog?

Perhaps Blogger provides a Search facility once I've signed in; we shall see very shortly!


Tom and Jan said...

At the top left of the main blog page (at least the page I see) there is the orange blog icon and immediately to the right is a small window where a search phrase or word can be entered. Then click the magnifying glass icon in at the right end of the search window. Blogger will then produce a list of all the posts on the blog containing the search term.

Do you see the search window when you load the blog?

Davidss said...

Ironically, Yes I did see the Search window immediately after I had logged in to send my comment.
When I tested it, it worked too!

Now I've seen your response I just had to log out, so I could check if the Search window disappeared. It didn't, AND it still works, which means it is available all the time, and I was just being unobservant.
A little irritating, but I'll have to accept my fate :-)

Thanks for your help.

Nb Duxllandyn said...

Great plan Tom . You wear your silly hat, I'll wear my silly hat and tell you what - if it's raining I'll wear my silly coat and trousers too. ID - no worries :))