Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Doctor

Another walk into Rugby this morning.  We could have taken the bus but the exercise will be good for us.  On our way along Clifton Road we noticed a tree on the far side which looked as if it had died and the trunk had then been carved with various figurines.

Even further along the road was a slightly unusually shaped church behind a high hedge.  It was the round shape of the steeple that particularly caught my eye.

It’s the Orthodox Church of the Ascension and St Chad.  According to the church website “Parishioners are from various backgrounds including British, Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Russian, Latvian, Coptic, Byelorussian, Serbian and Bulgarian.  Services are held in English, with some parts (e.g. the Lord’s Prayer) additionally recited in other languages”.  The church is located in the grounds of the Clifton Road Cemetery.  There is a memorial to the English poet Rupert Brooke (born locally) in the cemetery, although he is actually buried on the Greek Island of Skyros.  He died there in 1915 of sepsis from an infected mosquito bite whilst on his way to the Gallipoli landings.

Jan has been looking for a butcher and just before we reached the town centre she saw one.  Written in large bold letters across the window were the words

“No horsing around here!”

All our beef, lamb and pork IS Beef, Lamb & Pork sourced from local farmers”

But the business had failed and was closed…….. Is there a message in that? Nay!

The medical practice was quite easily found, but then we had the rigmarole of filling out the various local and NHS forms.  What is the British obsession about alcohol consumption? Almost 50% of the pages related to the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption.  Having briefly tasted some of the local stuff I can’t understand why anyone would willingly drink it! Smile  Jan didn’t have any issues with the processing of the application forms because she was able to declare her place of birth as the UK.  It took slightly longer for the foreigner! Smile We now have to wait five days before we can make an appointment to see a doctor and get a prescription.  However that fits in nicely with our current cruising plans. 

It was only a short walk to ASDA where Jan purchased a loaf of bread for lunch and some beef steak for dinner.  The latter looked nice, but proved to be very tough.  Jan had a tender piece but most of mine had to be left on my plate.  I had thought of saving it to resole my walking boots but by the time I thought of this Jan had disposed of it.

In the late afternoon a boat and butty quietly cruised passed Waiouru before mooring around the corner.

I wonder if I could grow a beard like that?

Another quiet night.

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Ray Butler said...

Ken on the pair is a lovely trick - doyen of ropework