Friday, 24 May 2013

That TV Signal

Looking out the porthole and watching boaters going past all wrapped up and looking miserable can give one a smug and warm feeling! Smile  Thank goodness we aren’t in the unfortunate position of having to move in this weather.  I was intending to go outside today and tend to a few chores around Waiouru.  Sensibly I lay down and waited for the feelings to go away!  It looks as if there must be some type of direct relationship between the weather and the speed boats travel.  When it’s terrible weather the majority of boats seem to be passing at a faster than usual speed.  Probably because they are anxious to be somewhere else!

The bread had gone stale but rather than let Jan feed it to the ducks I was prepared to eat it even if it was crunchy.  However Jan had other ideas and cut the loaf into slices which were covered with cheese and sliced ham before being grilled in the oven.  The ducks are now giving me the evil eye!

After a process of trial and elimination the problem with the terrestrial TV signal has been identified as the coaxial cable that runs between the main TV cabinet and the small TV on the bedroom wall.  I think the bedroom end has become ‘kinked’ and damaged.  The most obvious solution is to pull out the wire and replace it.  However I have identified another solution.  If we had been living in the UK for a decade or two I’d probably have a good set of tools at home which I could use to implement the second option.  But of course Waiouru is our home and the only tools I have are a small collection for maintaining the boat.  Time to put my hand in Jan’s purse!

I need a wood bit capable of drilling a 15mm hole in the wall of the adjacent bedroom wardrobe. A Google search revealed Wickes currently have a special deal on a 51 piece drill bit set.  Whilst I only need one bit this deal is very good value for money.  At the price I’m not expecting them to be high quality tradesman’s bits, but then they will probably be used very infrequently.  So in the morning it was yet another walk back to the local Wickes in Rugby (in the rain with the brolly attempting to invert itself) where I found (to my relief) they had several sets still in stock.

The case appears to be robust

A good range of various bits

The plan involved drilling a new hole through the wardrobe wall so a coaxial lead can be run from the TV into the top of the wardrobe where the TV aerial amplified is located.

The original TV socket is in the black wall socket (top right arrow) which is immediately above the TV wall bracket (bottom arrow).  The white flush plate is the HDMI outlet socket which links the TV to the Network Media Tank in the Saloon.  The small white device in the top left of the above photo is one of the IR detectors connected to the monitored silent burglar alarm.  The top left arrow points to the 15mm hole I’ve drilled into the top of the wardrobe.

Temporary wiring is a little messy at the moment

The left arrow points to the TV aerial 12v signal amplifier and the white cable out the top of the amplifier goes to the aerial on the roof.  The amplifier feeds out to a temporary two-way splitter.  The white cable goes through the ceiling to the main TV and media player.  The bottom white cable goes to the TV in the bedroom.  It now runs through the new hole in the wall which can just be seen in the top right corner of the above photo.  Now all this has been tested and proved to work I need to tidy up the wiring.  I’ve also been thinking of fitting a flush mounted TV coaxial wall socket on the outside of the wardrobe.  A short TV lead would then link the socket to the TV.  However I’m mindful that every joint adversely affects the quality of the TV signal and I might buy a blank plate.  Then I could drill a hole in the middle of it exactly the same diameter as the coaxial cable.  The would conceal the hole in the wardrobe without creating yet another joint in the cable.

Meanwhile Jan has been baking ANZAC biscuits.  Delicious smells have been wafting through the cabin and I’ve been forced by my stomach to stop work and partake!

After sitting inside all day I now need to whip up the enthusiasm to walk the two miles to Enterprise to collect the car for the weekend.  I know….. I could ask to be collected!  But I’m being somewhat cheeky collecting it late today when it has been booked for tomorrow morning.  Besides…. I’ll also be able to check if my skin is still waterproof.

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