Thursday, 23 May 2013

Short Cruise

It’s been a month since the toilet tank was emptied and the gauge was reading half full.  So the decision was made to head back towards Braunston and pump-out at Clifton Cruisers.  We did a much better job of slowly manoeuvring against the wharf and even reversed into a gap.  Maybe we’re starting to learn something about Waiouru?  However the “girlie button” (bow thruster) was briefly used at one stage when I started to panic became concerned about the bow drifting out across the canal.

Clifton Cruisers is owned and operated by Phil and Victoria.  A very friendly couple whom we first met two years ago when looking for a second builder.  In the end we decided to minimize our rebuilding risks by moving Waiouru further south to Aldermaston Wharf on the Kennet & Avon Canal.  Derek & Dot (nb Gypsy Rover) had spoken very highly of Phil & Victoria during our meetings with them and consequentially it had always been our intention to make Rugby the centre of our cruising plans.

We were also going to purchase a replacement for our empty 13kg Calor gas bottle.  Unfortunately Phil only had one full bottle but it wouldn’t fit into the gas locker because the safety rail around the valve was too high (the bottle is in the photo above beside the green hose reels.  Oh well……  We have a 2nd bottle so a replacement isn’t urgent!

Victoria suggested a medical practice in Rugby where we might be able to sign on as new patients.  Just another of those problems associated with not having a permanent address or post code.

Just as we were about to cast off there was a Skype call from youngest son who lives in Sydney, Australia.  We spent almost an hour catching up with family news and his future plans.  In July he is off on a two month holiday.  First to New Zealand and then South East Asia.  He has an internet based job and hopes to keep working on his travels.

After finally casting off we cruised further towards Braunston before mooring beside the golf course.

This is a good mooring on Armco piling and it’s obviously popular because there are a number of boats moored either end of us.  I dragged out the Kipor generator to give the domestic battery bank a good re-charge.  I’ve noticed the Smartgauge shows 100% charged but the Victron Combi Inverter/Charger only shows the batteries on ‘Absorption’ rather than the final ‘Float’ stage.  Using the Kipor once weekly ensures the batteries are fully charged. 

We’ll probably stay here until after the Crick Boat Show.

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