Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Great Day and the Hurricane works!

We attempted to slip quietly away from our long weekend mooring half way between Napton locks and Wigrams Turn hoping not to disturb Malcolm and Julia who were moored behind us on nb Figment.  They have a Colecraft shell which was fitted out by Kate Boats.  Our attempt to sneak away can’t have been that successful and Malcolm & Julia caught up with us at Calcutt Boats where Julia mentioned she was curtain twitching as we pulled away! Smile  They are a lovely couple and Julia even kindly offered to drive us to the shops in her car which was parked at the marina.
We had already received a text message from Chris and Allison of nb Doo Lalli Ali to ask if there was a possibility we could meet as they were in the general area.  Their boat was the last completed by Ben Harp Narrow Boat Builders and they had a similar experience to our own.  Albeit not as bad!  We agreed to meet at the water point above Calcutt Locks
Allison & Chris with Doo Lalli Ali moored behind Waiouru
They are heading towards Stratford on Avon whilst we need to get to Rugby.  There was time for a chat and cup of tea whilst the water tank filled before all too soon it was time to part.  We shared the first lock as we needed to got to Calcutt Boats whilst they were continuing on the Grand Union.  Have a great trip!
I struggled to reverse Waiouru back into the marina mooring and eventually one of the marina staff took pity and assisted us by pulling on the centre line.  Once moored we opened the engine bay hatch cover to allow the engine to cool.
After 30 minutes Dave, the Hurricane Heater engineer, came down to look at the problem.  About four weeks ago the Hurricane wouldn’t start and we were receiving a “Flame Out” error message.  The manual states this is usually due to lack of fuel.  I was 99% certain there wasn’t a problem with the heater itself as it’s almost “bullet proof”.  However I wasn’t as confident about the fuel lines after the same problem had previously occurred at Aldermaston and had been rectified by adjusting the fuel lines.
Dave checked the heater fuel filter (all OK) and then checked the heater fuel pump by temporarily connecting it to a separate 12v battery (all OK).  There was fuel in the heater fuel filter so he asked me to turn on the heater using the remote switch inside Waiouru.  The BL**DY heater started! For days we had unsuccessfully attempted to start the Hurricane and yet when the engineer is there the damned thing starts!  However Dave did fix two leaks (water and diesel) so it wasn’t entirely a wasted visit.  After being relieved of £45 we ascended the lock and headed back towards Wigrams Turn where we turned left towards Braunston.
Julia suggested we stopped and moored at ‘Foxgate’ which is approximately ½ mile short of Braunston.  We’re now moored immediately in front of Piston Broke and further down we can see Yarwood.  Paul (Piston Broke) has already mentioned Lynne went to Rugby this morning and didn’t leave him any lunch!  Also, our solar panels are flat instead of tilted.  Nice to arrive and find him in such good form! Winking smile  We must try and find time to re-introduce ourselves to Joe & Lesley whilst we are here!  But first we need to eat!


Halfie said...

I know the feeling. Half of you wants the fault to be there so you can say, see, I said it didn't work - and the other half actually wants it to work! You don't know whether to be pleased it works or frustrated that it makes you appear foolish. And, if it's an intermittent fault, you don't know when it will stop working again.

On the plus side, the weather has warmed up!

Tom and Jan said...

You hit the nail square on its head!

Richard Varnes said...

8 May
Hi -- in March we too had intermittent "flame out" issues with our newly installed Hurricane. Turned out it was air in the rad lines which will stop the Hurricane when it get to the combustion area. It was Dave that mentioned this, so you may have already worked through this possibility.
Only other "flame out" problems we've had were due to low voltage battery problems and not the Hurricane.
Hope this helps!
Richard Varnes & Valari Jack
NB Stardust