Monday, 13 May 2013

Fast Cruise Today

Both of us had a rough night with upset stomachs.  Lunch yesterday tasted fine but something must have disagreed with us.  We didn’t chose the same meal but there were similarities (chips and peas).  As a consequence the planned cruise to east Wales in the rental car didn’t occur.  However Jan suggested some retail therapy would be nice (window shopping only… of course!).

After a light lunch we drove the short distance into Rugby where not much was open.  Being at a bit of a loss we decided to go to Coventry.  The gps took us to the centre of the city where again most of the shops appeared to be closed.  By then Jan was rather bored with the idea of shopping so we decided to take a quiet drive through back lanes and see the countryside eventually arriving in Leamington Spa.  We didn’t want to be there because we want to save it for a time when we’re cruising through the town on Waiouru.

Driving out the other side of the town we noticed an ASDA supermarket.  Jan wanted a ‘comfort stop’ so we moored by breasting up against a couple of cars in the car park.  It’s the first time Jan has been into an ASDA store and that seemed a good reason to do some retail therapy.  I’ve been looking at replacing our rather old and well worn BeBook e-reader with a ‘Nook Simple Touch’ e-reader.  All our e-books are in EPUB format which the Nook will display. There’s no point us attempting to purchase a Nook online as we don’t have an address! Smile  However they are stocked by Sainsbury’s, PCWorld, Currys, ARGOS and ASDA.  Unfortunately I’ve had great difficulty finding a Nook in stock. I suspect the reason being they are currently on special at £29, which is a £50 discount on the normal retail price.   But today Jan noticed the ASDA at Leamington Spa had two in stock and seizing the moment we purchased one.  Also purchased was a USB SD Card Reader and a 4GB micro SD Card.  The reason for purchasing the latter will become apparent.

Driving along a B road towards Rugby we noticed a rather attractive country scene which included a collection of low brick buildings and a tall brick square town which had a flag flying from the top.  We would have loved to stop and take a photo except there were no moorings and the other vehicles were passing at faster than ‘tick-over’ speed.  We reluctantly carried on.  Back at Waiouru and the Hurricane heater is working well…. please may it continue this way!

The Nook

The Nook Simple Touch runs on a Barnes & Noble modified version of the Android operating system.  I want to convert the Nook e-Reader into a Tablet.  This will enable me to ‘surf’ the internet and read/write emails, etc.  To achieve this l need to ROOT the Nook.  For the non ‘Geeks’ it doesn’t mean I’ll be destroying the Nook.  When an Android (or Linux) based operating system is ROOTed it means the user has removed or circumvented the manufacturers protection and is then able to modify the operating system.  Doing something similar to an Apple device is known as to ‘JailBreak’ it.  In ROOTing the Nook I may ‘BRICK’ it.  If you BRICK a device it means you’ve so corrupted the operating system it can’t be recovered and the device is as useful as a brick!  At a cost of £29 I’m prepared to risk BRICKing the Nook.

I’m not clever enough to be the first person to modify the Nook operating system and I followed the instructions from the following website <click here>.

Two pieces of software are required. 

  • Win32 Disk Imager
  • Nook Manager

The former will write an IMG (image) file to the micro SD card we purchased at ASDA today.  The latter contains the modified operating system that will ROOT the Nook.  It comes as an IMG file.  So the first piece of software is used to write the second piece of software to the micro SD card.  Inserting the micro SD card into the Nook and then turning it on ROOTs the Nook.

Having now ROOTed the Nook it is possible to modify or add software to it.  I’m adding NTGAppsAttack which will install the following programs on the Nook

  • Google Market (Play Store)
  • Automatically updates to latest Market for NST/NSTG Android version. Includes in-app purchases.
  • GMail & GMail sync
  • Google Contacts sync
  • Google Calendar & Calendar sync
  • Google Talk
  • Google News & Weather
  • Calculator
  • Dropbox – Useful for getting books and files across to your Nook Simple Touch.
  • Amazon Kindle – Use the Nook to read Kindle books!
  • Read It Later – for reading articles saved for later reading from various devices
  • NewsRob – RSS feed reader that syncs to Google Reader
  • Opera Mini – Web browser
  • Of course the Nook has a black & white screen and modifying the operating system will not change it to colour.  But then all of the above applications do not require a colour screen. 

    Hopefully by tomorrow the Nook e-reader will be running as a Tablet.


    Halfie said...

    And that's the simple touch? I think I'll stick with paper books.

    Tom and Jan said...

    The Nook is easy! I'm just making it complicated by attempting to circumvent the protection on the operating system and then modify it to do something the manufacturers never intend!

    Halfie said...

    It might be easy for you, Tom. I have a horrible feeling that I've been overtaken technologically speaking. Actually it's more than a feeling. I know it. My mobile telephone, for example, makes and receives telephone calls and text messages. No camera, no internet, no mp3 player. (It does have a useful torch, though, and a radio. Oh, and an alarm clock.) I think I'm stuck in the early 2000s.