Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cheep cheep!

The mooring lines had only been tied a minute before an excited Jan was opening the side hatch and making cooing sounds at Mrs 12 duck.  The first ducklings we have seen this year!
By this morning she was Mrs 3 Duck.  Such is the fragility of life!  No wonder ducks start with such a large family…..
It was another calm and misty start to the day.  At least the temperature was higher than yesterday.  One of the boaters on the 48 hour moorings stopped to talk to Jan and mentioned he had been on the moorings for the last month waiting for conditions to improve before heading to Reading.  I can understand a nervous boater not wanting to leave until they were happy with the conditions.  But on the 48 hour visitor moorings? 
Freddie came down the towpath as we were preparing to move to the water point and Jan stopped what she was doing to introduce herself.
Freddie was a little restless and eager to be off to work with his two legged friend !Smile Below the lock worked awaited.
Freddie only works every second day so I guess you could say he’s semi-retired! 

We departed Kintbury around 9.30am and made good progress towards Newbury in the calm conditions.  A few boats had similar ideas and at two of the five locks we were fortunate to meet boats coming in the opposite direction.  

After four hours of steady cruising we arrived at Newbury around 1:30pm and moored above Newbury Lock where we’ll spend the night.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

The first photo of the wide beam boat is most revealing.

It looks like your centre rope is just thrown in a heap rather than being passed along the roof to keep the end near the stern so the steerer can step off in a dignified manner while holding the end of the rope to hold the boat on the centre line with no possibility of the boat floating away while you scrabble along the gunwales or towpath to grab the rope in an unseemly rush.

Perhaps it’s just an illusion caused by the camera.

Tom and Jan said...


The rope was placed there by Jan when she used it to moor on the water point. Not guilty!