Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Another little success

The post delivered a small package today and on opening it we discovered the 12v usb charger had arrived from Hong Kong.  Our eBay order was placed early last month and it has finally arrived.  The charger is actually shorter than I had anticipated but it does fit snuggly into the 12v socket.

After plugging it in we confirmed it was able to recharge the iPad and iTouch.  Then there was a bit of a bonus when we discovered it will also recharge the eBook

No longer is there a requirement to run the inverter to recharge all three devices.  Another small energy saving!   All we are now waiting on is the delivery of the 12-19v DC converter for the laptop.

It was housekeeping boatkeeping day with washing, dusting, cleaning and vacuuming done in the morning.  A walk to the chandlery in the afternoon resulted in the purchase of engine oil and a filter.  The Beta 43 is now due for an oil change and service.  Whilst at the chandlery Jan purchased a package of Craftmaster boat wash and polish, so that takes care of work for yet another day.

Tomorrow I will walk the towpath to Reading and check the canal and river conditions en-route.  I’m particularly interested in Fobney Lock as there are reports of trees obstructing the downstream approach to the lock.  This means the engine service will probably be deferred until Wednesday. Smile

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