Friday, 5 April 2013

All pumped up

Both of us had a poor nights sleep.  Jan with a stomach problem and I woke during the night having one of my grandmother’s ‘little turns’.  There are some things you would prefer not to inherit!  My erratic pump settled down by lunch time but poor Jan is still suffering.  We’re trying to work out what caused my palpitations and think it may have been the MSG in last night’s chinese takeaway!  Jan’s problem is probably a personal hygiene age food allergy issue.

Having recovered sufficiently to do something physical the first task was to complete a temporary repair of the damaged cratch cover.

It started to snow as I was finishing the repairs to the cover……..  Isn’t this SPRING!

After lunch Jan headed towards the recently opened ALDI to see what bargains were available whilst I went in the opposite direction to B&Q.  We needed a large flat tipped screwdriver to be able to remove the access panel from the control column in the cockpit.  I was almost tempted to purchase a full set of screwdrivers but in the end opted to buy the cheaper B&Q brand screwdriver.  Then it was a walk across to to Halfords where YET ANOTHER 1 litre bottle of distilled water for the automatic battery watering system was purchased.  The header tank and tubing obviously has a capacity of 3 litres.

Back at Waiouru the first job was to use the new screwdriver to remove the access panel.  Inside the control column void are the two sender units for the Hurricane and engine fuel tanks.  They work on an air pressure system and part of the calibration process is to pressurize the system with a hand or foot operated air pump.

The Hurricane gauge has decided to become somewhat wayward with it’s reporting.  Sometimes the gauge shows the tank as empty, sometimes nearly empty, and sometimes half full.  Having filled the tank on Tuesday we knew the tank was full but the gauge showed empty.  To recalibrate the gauge a foot operated bicycle pump is connected to the side of the gauge.  I previously tried using a hand pump but it burst under the pressure.  The new foot pump does a better job.

Once the gauge receiver has been re-pressurized the actual gauge shows the tank as being full.

However the small black dot at the top of the display indicates the gauge isn’t correctly calibrated.  To fix this the cover has to be carefully removed off the receiver unit (four very small and easy to lose screws have to be removed).  Inside there is a small screw that has to be adjusted until the black dot on the digital display disappears.

Jan then returned from ALDI heavily laden with two full shopping bags and her day pack.  The well trained lovely lass had even purchased a 12 pack of lager for the love of her life me.  Love you Jan!  She appeared to be well pleased with the ‘bargains’ purchased during her trip.  Whilst Jan stowed all the food I dived into the garden shed to check the big green noisy thing that eats diesel and pushes the boat.  Everything was fine and the bilge dry.  Then the battery watering system was topped up and all the air bubbles removed from the lines.  It looks like we need a fourth litre of distilled water!

It has continued to snow all afternoon, although the ground it too warm for it to settle.

Jan is cooking Quorn and vegetables for dinner and we are having apple strudel & ice cream for dessert.  As we’re not in a hurry the plan is to spend a second night in Newbury before heading off towards Kintbury. 

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