Thursday, 25 April 2013


After a very peaceful night on the 24 hour moorings above Clifton Lock we departed for Abingdon at 8.30 this morning.  The day started grey but by 9.00am the sun was out and the remainder of the cruise was completed with blue skies.

Mooring above Clifton Lock

Didcot Power Station has been dancing around us for two days.  One side of the boat and then the other.  Jan finally managed to capture it in the lens of her camera along with the spire of the local church.

Two of the seven cooling towers

We were planning to top up the water tank at Culham Lock but the lock keeper informed Jan there was only water for the filling of containers.  Not to worry, we have plenty of water.

Upstream of Culham Lock

This part of the cruise is on the Culham Cut rather than the Thames.  It’s narrower than the Thames and eliminates a few miles off the journey.

Culham Cut

A 90° turn at the end of the Cut took us back onto the Thames and almost immediately we saw our first cruising boat of the day.

After a 90 minute cruise we arrived at Abington where we found a vacant 5 day mooring above the bridge.  Actually there were plenty of vacant moorings and each lock keeper has mentioned to Jan how quiet the Thames is for this time of year.  On the way through Abington we passed the filled in junction to the long disused Wilts & Berks Canal.

Abingdon Mooring

After lunch we went for a brief wander around the town.  The plan is to go back later in the afternoon for another wander.  After lunch Jan had a spring clean in the galley whilst I removed the water from the bottom of the bow thruster locker.  2½ buckets of water were removed with the assistance of a sponge.  The quantity is slightly worrying.  I’m having difficulty believing it’s all a result of winter condensation.  Do we have a leak around the water tank valve?

Some photos of Abingdon

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