Sunday, 3 March 2013

We’re off!

Well it’s the reason why we came……. Smile

Cold and overcast conditions this morning but fortunately no wind or rain.  We’ve dropped the pram cover for the first time (a learning experience) and pulled the pins.  Last aboard was the tri-folding gangplank.  Anne’s bunting was flying as we headed west.

Waiouru gently purred passed all the moored boats at tick-over (less than 800rpm).  The Axiom propeller produces very little wash.

Jan took all the photo’s as someone else was seriously concentrating on the steering.  Once we had cleared the moored boats the throttle was opened to 1500rpm and Waiouru started to push her way through the water.  It was only a brief test to check the drive transmission and prop.  Everything appears OK!

The next mooring location had already been identified and was just beyond the boat moored to port (the left).

Anne (who had so kindly helped us with accommodation on arrival in the UK) had given us some bunting to fly on our first cruise.

We’re now moored just short of Froud’s Lane. 

We are so far down at the stern (2/3 full toilet tank) that the blunt end is sticking out from the bank.  The washing machine is on and the batteries are charging.  The sat-dome has already found the ‘dot in the sky’.  Then we walked to the Rising Sun Pub and had lunch before returning to Waiouru. 

Late in the afternoon I walked to Woolhampton lock and watched an experienced boater navigate through the swing bridge and up into the lock.  The strong current from the river almost pushed his boat into the offside bank and moored boat.  Perhaps we will wait another week before attempting the same stretch.

The plan is to spend the night here before heading on to Frouds Bridge Marina tomorrow morning to have the toilet tank emptied.  We’ll probably then return to this same stretch of canal and wait another week before heading towards Newbury.


nb Achernar said...

How lucky you both are to be on your way at last. With all the drama you faced during the build now is the time to really enjoy your life afloat.
P.S. keep posting the technical info - it really is not boring
Sorry Jan

Randle Cooke said...

Congrats..I've been following your adventures since about June/july2011...I'm an ex pat pom. from market drayton ..been here in Hastings and really enjoy your daily blog...wish you luck now you are "off" happy cruising and to Melbourne to watch F1 GP next weekend...again good luck now you're underway and keep us all informed of progress. All the trials and tribulations seem to have worked out well in the end.
Randle Cooke

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Phil,
Nice to know 'some' find my technical 'muses' interesting :-)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Randle,
It would have been mid 2010 when we were last in Hastings. The couple who owned the motel where we spent the night were also ex-pats. I guess after 50 years you are now "used" to life down-under!
And yes.... we have managed to get there in the end. A much harder journey but the end is all the sweeter!

Jenny and Robin said...

Congratulations now you are cruising!! As others have said, you have had a rough time in your quest to become boaties.

The bunting adds a nice colourful touch too.