Thursday, 7 March 2013

Some success

Poor Jan struggled off the bus from Calcot with her (very tired) shopping trolley.  It was very cheap and has lasted well considering the weight it has carried back to Waiouru.  However the axle holes in the plastic wheels are not oval rather than round which has resulted it the trolley being rather wobbly!  Jan was rather terrified one of the wheels would collapse as she dragged it back down the towpath.

Meanwhile I was heading in the opposite direction to Newbury and Maplin.  The helpful sales assistant found me a plug that appeared to be an approximate match to the one on the DC end of the laptop power supply.  A trip into the 99p shop was frequently worthwhile and today it resulted in five useful purchases.

Cable ties, caulking gun, padlock, G clamp and PVA glue all for less than £5.

The G clamp has already been put to use in the weed hatch.

Hopefully it will prevent the retaining bar from vibrating out from underneath the angle iron.  A small timber packer has been placed on the concealed face of the clamp to give it something to “bite” onto.

Heart in mouth the moulded DC plug on the end of the laptop power supply was cut off where I had assessed the broken wire was located.

I was right!  The negative copper screen strands had all fractured leaving only the positive strands inside the white insulation.  The plug from Maplin was then soldered onto the cable and the laptop is back on charge.  So the power supply has been fixed for £1.89.

What’s this…….?

You probably won’t identify it.  Checking the electrolyte in the cells of the domestic battery bank is very difficult because they are located under the stern deck (you can’t see into them).  The automatic watering system is in the mail.  So today I made a small dipstick from some scrap timber.  I’ve yet to measure the required maximum level of electrolyte and mark it on the stick.  However when the stick was inserted into the cells this afternoon the end of the stick didn’t touch the plates.  to my relief there was electrolyte above the level of the plates. <phew>


Carol Palin said...

Hi Tom, I think it’s time you bought Jan a new trolley - pronto! Unless you plan to shop with her to carry those heavy items back to the boat! xx

Peter and Margaret said...

I love it when a plan comes together, and at such little cost. (Written using my smart TV Android dongle)!

Tom and Jan said...

I'm thinking of buying Jan a rucksack.... It might slow her down!

Tom and Jan said...

Does using your Android dongle mean Margaret has lost the use of the TV or are you now resident in the back bedroom? :-)

Peter and Margaret said...

Unfortunately it is me who has to put up with the restricted access of the TV to use the smart dongle - to be expected surely! However, I do have to have a new toy every now and again to prevent me from getting bored while she leaves me home alone to go teaching in the daytime. If things were up to me it would be off to K-L and away we go for the Summer! I think she has already read this post - so is unlikely to return, but if you don't hear from me again.......:-)