Saturday, 9 March 2013

Raining ducks

Woke this morning to the sound of rain on Waiouru’s roof.  So much for the plan to moor for a week and let water levels recede! Sad smile So you might ask “How heavy was the rain?”  Well the cats and dogs had drowned and then we reached the point where it was raining ducks……. Yes ducks…..!

Jan thinks they are kind of cute and taken to feeding them.  As usual she’s given them names (Roger and Nellie).  If they have done the usual and used the roof as a toilet I have a different name for them.  Hope they are fat as they’re likely to find themselves naked like the pheasant plucked for Christmas!

I was going to vacuum today but Jan tells me dusting must be done first.  She doesn’t understand….. Dusting is boring…….I like playing with new gadgets! Smile Even though my hearing is poor I believe I can just make our the faint lonely cry from the engine bay seeking company.  The engine dipstick probably needs a polish or the bilge wants admiring.  Jan can do the exciting dusting!

There is a mouth-watering aroma wafting through the cabin.  Jan must be baking bread!  She has purchased a different brand of yeast and the mixture started to remorselessly rise out of the mixing bowl.  It was starting to take on the appearance of something from an episode out of Doctor Who.

After a light dusting of flour (I knew Jan would get around to the dusting) she managed to wrestle it from the bowl and onto a tray.  But it’s continued to grow!

After placing it into the oven Jan became quite agitated shouting “It’s still expanding!”  OMG, I could envisage the oven door bursting open and this insidious white growth filling the entire cabin.  OK…. slight exaggeration!

Still rising….

All done…..   Complete with cremated woodlice!

It’s still raining and the towpath is now flooded! Bah  A hireboat has just cruised passed with three people on the cruiser stern all wrapped up in coats and leggings looking decidedly miserable on their first day.  And the forecast for the next five days is……MORE RAIN!  Oh well….. been there and done that!  We have no timetable and can afford to wait for fine weather.

Poor Jan has just snapped a toenail when down on her hands and knees worshiping me cleaning out the bathroom vanity cabinet!  She has snapped it right back at the quick.  It was apparent she was in considerable pain as she thrashed about the boat flicking blood everywhere.  After making her stand still I was able to spring into action and clean up all the blood on the carpet before it dried and stained.  Meanwhile Jan applied her own dressing whilst hissing through clenched teeth!  All of this is most inconsiderate of her.  Now how are we going to do the locks on Sunday.  Jan claims it’s too painful to fit a shoe on the affected foot!  If I get desperate for food I can always use my Leatherman knife and cut the end off her shoe.  It should then be possible for her to hobble to the bus stop with the shopping trolley.


David said...

You cruel beast - why wreck a good pair of shoes when you've got sandals.
Give our best to Jan. Can I suggest alcohol as a good pain killer.
Send some of those woodlice this way.:-)

Nb Duxllandyn said...

You wicked man Tom!
I should take great care of that Leatherman if I were you. Shoes might not be the only things that get trimmed!!
Hope your foot gets better soon Jan - remind Tom there's nothing wrong with the other one!!
Sorry to hear your plans are delayed yet again.
Tch! English weather eh!
Happily we are off to get some proper Aussie sun next month.
Take care both of you
PS I wonder if our previous owners had a similar duck experience - thus giving our boat it's name ??!

Tom and Jan said...

We left the sandals in Oz and she won't touch the Somerset cider!

I think you're suggesting I already have a foot in my mouth! :-)