Saturday, 2 March 2013


This morning nb QISMA passed through Aldermaston on her way to the Thames and onwards to the River Wey.  Alastair and Jan wintered over at the Newbury Boat Company and have been waiting for the conditions on the River Kennet to improve before departing.  Jan had sent us an email yesterday informing us they were above Woolhampton lock and would be attempting to transit the interesting hairy short stretch between the lock and the Woolhampton swing bridge this morning.  This is something we plan to do on Sunday, although we will have the advantage going against the current.

QISMA from our side hatch

Alastair gives us a wave as he passes

Jan walked from Woolhampton to Aldermaston as there was no opportunity for her to re-board QISMA at the speed it shot through the swing bridge.  Alastair demonstrated 30 years of naval experience in the pound below Aldermaston Lock when he winded QISMA and reversed onto the facilities block.

Jan has a blog <link to NB QISMA blog here> or It can be found on our blog list.  We won’t “steal their thunder” explaining what QISMA means or repeating any of the interesting information about Admiral Nelson which can be found on the blog.  And you can read why they are entitled to fly the Blue Ensign.

After they had moored Jan introduced us to our first taste of sloe gin.  We had seen sloe’s last year and had heard of sloe gin but as neither of us are gin fans we’d ignored the opportunity to make some.  It’s actually quite tasty!  Jan said it had a plum and almond flavour whilst I said it tasted nice! Smile

The remainder of the day was spent completing odd jobs.


Neil Corbett said...

Sloe RUM is also delicious!
Kath (nb Herbie)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Kath
Now slow rum sounds interesting!