Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Last of the local footpaths

Jan caught the Jet Black bus to Newbury to obtain essential supplies plus a little window retail therapy.  She managed to find a collapsible 10 litre water container in the 99P shop which will now go into deep storage for use in an emergency along with some galley cleaning material.

After missing out on the regular weekly walk on the weekend I managed to fit in a few kilometres today.  The plan was to make a final effort to record as many missing local footpaths as I could fit into four hours.  In the end seven separate paths were captured on the gps and uploaded to the Open Street Map (OSM) on returning to Waiouru

“Missing” footpaths recorded in blue

They will probably be the last footpaths I record in this area but the rest of the UK awaits my attention! Smile

The circular walk involved a return via Sulhampstead Road to Tyle Mill where I joined the towpath back to Frouds Lane.  Whilst I’ve now walked the towpath through Tyle Mill on many previous occasions this was the first time I’s walked down Sulhampstead Road.  The canal and river diverge at Tyle Mill and until today I hadn’t realised there actually was a mill at Tyle Mill.  It’s not a working mill but the water continues to flow underneath the building.

It looks very picturesque but I don’t think my bladder could survive living in the building! Smile

Back at Waiouru there was time for a late lunch before scrubbing my walking boots and washing down the starboard gunwale and lower half of Waiouru.  Then I realised the solar panels were looking somewhat grimy so they also received a wash.

Now it’s time to raise the feet and let them recover.

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