Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Judgement Issue

The two Paul’s and Nick have all left comments on yesterday’s post pointing out the cap on the female shore power plug opens 90° which allows is to fit into the flush socket.  When I initially attempted to do this the plug wouldn’t fit.  Hence the modification!  However I’ve now had a more detailed look at the socket and it appears I made a mistake erred in my judgement when initially attempting to fit the plug.  It does fit as describe by the Paul’s and Nick.

This morning we woke to ice on the aluminium Houdini frames and the temperature outside was below zero.  It had been a rather broken nights sleep as the wind had bashed Waiouru around. Wind whistling around the TV aerial had also created a spasmodic moaning and rattling sound.  However by mid morning the sun was out and the solar panels produced 4.7 amps.  However it didn’t last with the sky being back to grey and overcast by mid afternoon.  I’m not going to mention the snow.

It was maintenance day.  Jan started by dusting and cleaning the shower whilst I did some maintenance on the laptop wrestled with Jan’s pet black carpet python.

Oh No!……. Caught in a compromising position!

Late yesterday afternoon I noticed Jan had made herself a very strong mug of black tea (two teabags).  I almost added the milk and took it to her but decided to ask first (I’m slowly learning).  “Hands off!” She was going to bake bara brith and the tea needed to be strong and cold because the dried fruit was going to be soaked in it overnight.

Delicious with some butter spread on it

Next thing Jan is rummaging around in the cupboards looking to see what types of bread flour she had left over.  The result was this loaf of bread.

The bread tasted rather good……. Despite the green lumps in it!  I did ask…… Jan had added dried pumpkin seeds to the mixture.  I can remember when only the flesh of the pumpkin was eaten and the seeds either discarded or given to the birds.  Now they are retained; dried; and sold for human consumption!  How my life has changed over the years.

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