Monday, 11 March 2013

Goodbye Nellie & Roger

No more problems of a fowled fouled roof from Nellie & Roger.  We decided to “pull the pins” this morning and head to the water point.  The weather was bitter (for us) with the potential for snow or ice in the air. 

Nellie will no longer be able to stand on Waiouru’s roof to hide from Roger’s persistent amorous attention!

Why is it that we always seem to chose the day with the worst weather to cruise?  It was a case of dropping the pram cover, folding the gangplank and pulling the pins before attempting to extract ourselves off the large lump on the canal bed holding Waiouru aground. 

We’re off…..

Oh there’s nothing like handling cold and wet ropes on a cold and windy day.  Jan set up the lock which enabled Waiouru to drop down into the pound. Waiouru handled well turning 90° immediately below the lock and gently cruised across onto the water point.

The toilet tank gauge had just started to flash ¼ full but by the time the water tank in the bow had filled the stern had risen by 2 inches and the toilet tank gauge had returned to green.

Jan had been able to fit her injured foot into a boot but was still limping around.  We’ve therefore decided to defer our cruise to Kintbury by at least a week and give the injured toe time to heal.  Rather than go back to our original mooring position we decided to moor above Aldermaston Lock.  This will make it easier to top up the water tank and wind the boat.  So I reversed Waiouru back off the water point and into the lock.  We then reversed her back onto a mooring above the lock.  Then it was just a matter of banging in the pins and laying out the folding gangplank.  Jan then remembered the pram cover needed to go back up.

These Sainsbury’s bags make good peg markers

Well that’s them both done!

TV aerial is up and the ‘dot in the sky’ has been found.  Time to watch the rugby!

Oh….. and now there’s some light snow falling!

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Hi Tom
We run a Mastervolt Combi with a four stage charger so I'm assuming the unit would equalise when on float mode. There's no facility (as far as I'm aware) to do this manually, even if I knew how...
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