Saturday, 30 March 2013

Good Friday…… Washing Day!

Whilst it was cold the sun did put in an appearance.  As planned, we dropped down through Aldermaston Lock and onto the services building.  However, first Jan put on a load of washing using almost the last of the water in the tank.

As the hose filled the tank at one end the washing machine continued to empty it at the other.  Not

to be outdone by Jan’s washing efforts I extracted the bottle of bio liquid wash from the depths of the locker and scrubbed down Waiouru’s roof.  The tank hadn’t filled so the starboard side also received a wash.  It wasn’t until I’d made a start on the gunwale that the tank started to overflow.

After rinsing off all the suds we pulled Waiouru back off the water point in case another boater wanted the tap and then washed and cleaned the cockpit. 

We then dropped the pram cover in anticipation of the short voyage in the afternoon.  Jan had baked a loaf of bread for lunch and the warm slices made delicious tomato sandwiches. Our timing was rather good as another had just come down through the lock avoiding the need for Jan to empty it. 

Our afternoon cruise was less than a kilometre as we don’t want to be too far from Aldermaston because I’m assisting with the Devises to Westminster canoe race tomorrow.

We could have returned to our former towpath mooring but decided to was too close to the lock mooring and anticipated there would be considerable congestion in the area with all the hundreds of canoeist attempting to use the landing during the race.  We’ve opted for a quieter spot where (hopefully) we won’t get quite a “bashed around” as last time!

Butty Cygnus

We found a mooring just in front of this small group of boats.  The toilet holding tank isn’t quite half full but we’re well down at the stern making it difficult to get beside the bank.

Folding gangplank out and the pram cover back up.

Jan then asked for the rotary clothes line to be erected on the top of the bicycle carrier post so she could finish drying the washing from this morning.

It’s now time to sit down and start re-reading the “Life in the UK” book and catch up with family news.

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