Sunday, 31 March 2013

Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race

It didn’t take much time to establish the Aldermaston control point for the canoe race at 8:15 this morning and shortly after the first of the canoeist started arriving.  Brian on nb Marbals decided he didn’t want his boat on the same side of the canal as the lock landing where it might get knocked about by the canoeist so I helped him move it to the opposite side of the canal. 

Back at the boat the canoeist were passing in sizable numbers.  I think they were the canoeist doing the event over two days and had spent the night in Newbury.  It’s surprising how much the passing of a canoe can rock an 18 tonne narrowboat!   The morning canoeists were obviously travelling slower than those in the afternoon as they all plan to reach the finish point around the same time.

Some of the first faster canoes

There have been a number of boats passing us during the day.  Some travel quite slowly and don’t cause any issues whilst others don’t appear to throttle back and simply ignore you as they motor past.  They certainly weren’t all hire boats!

Roger & Nellie (the ducks) have reappeared and AGAIN taken up residence on Waiouru’s roof.  What with their “droppings” and the water splashed by the passing canoeists it would appear there was little value gained from washing Waiouru yesterday.

However this bird failed to show any interest in Waiouru’s roof!

Most of the day was spent pottering around!  Jan baked some hot crossed buns for lunch.  They were delicious when eaten with a slice of butter on top. 

We had a home made chinese dinner of dim sims, dumplings, rice and sweet & sour chicken.  The idea was to eat early (4:30pm) as I’m working at the control point from 6.00pm until the last of the canoeist pass in the early hours of tomorrow morning!

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