Thursday, 7 February 2013

Waitangi Day

As every New Zealander should know, today is Waitangi Day (wye-TANG-ee).  On this day in 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed by Governor Hobson as the representative of the British crown and numerous Maori chiefs.  The treaty made NZ part of the British empire and guaranteed Māori rights to their land along with the rights of British subjects.  There were two versions; one in English and the other in Maori.  Of course they aren’t the same and the Pakea (Europeans) and Maori have been arguing about its interpretation ever since.

Apparently kiwi’s in London usually celebrate it with a pub crawl that finishes with a Haka in Parliament Square.  Don’t bother looking for us… we’re not that daft! Smile

Back to more mundane things.  Postman Pat delivered a package today.  Another piece of cruising equipment.  Again they are multi-functional and can be used when going down the weed-hatch; completing a pump-out; or assisting in the delivery of any calves en-route.

Changing the subject.  Whilst out for an evening walk I’m fairly certain I saw an elephant through the hedgerow.  For the life of me I can’t think why a farmer would have an elephant on his farm, but tomorrow I plan to go back and check.  This time with a camera.  If I’m right then there should be a photo of it on tomorrows post!


Kevin said...

Jan, it's time to take that bottle of Scotch away from Tom he's obviously starting seeing things!!

Clive said...

Hope you didn't pay good money for those gloves - they're a pound a pair in most markets!

Tom and Jan said...

I'm honest and sober.... but have poor eyesight :-)


Steve said...

With those gloves I'd worry for the elephant :-)

Tom and Jan said...