Monday, 4 February 2013

Sore Feet

After looking at the weather forecast yesterday the idea of a walk today was off the agenda.  However the day turned out to be cloudy and cold, but dry so I went on an impromptu walk.  During the previous week I compared the OS and OSM maps of the local area and identified a number of footpaths that were not shown on the OSM.  The objective of today’s walk was to walk as many of these footpaths as possible.  It was obvious the ground would be saturated therefore to minimise the amount of mud that would have to be traversed footpaths on higher ground were selected.

Recorded footpaths in red

Whilst recording the last footpath I realised I was relatively close to Thatcham (left in the screen dump above) so I phoned Jan to see if she wanted anything purchased from the supermarket before heading back to Aldermaston Wharf via the towpath.  Order received, I headed into the town centre. 

On the way I passed this building.  We have both passed it on numerous occasions whilst traveling on the bus.  But this was the first opportunity to have a closer look.

Not a good photo as it was taken with the gps camera.

The building looks old but also sits rather forlornly surrounded on three sides by busy roads.  It appeared to be some type of hall.  However there was a plaque with more information.

Built in 1304??????  I don’t think so……!   Scratch around in the foundations and there might be the odd original rock.

Half way back down the towpath towards Aldermaston and my feet and hips started to give me some grief.  Never happened walking for this length of time in Australia so I can only assume the cold is getting into my bones.  Not that I’m any older of course! Smile

Back at Waiouru Jan had run the engine for 3.5 hours to charge the batteries.  There was just enough sun for the solar array to keep the domestic bank at 100% provided the inverter was left off.  That will change tonight when the TV gets turned on.

The last chore for the day was to edit and upload the gps traces to the Open Street Map.  Jan whipped up a tasty sweet & sour chicken, rice and fresh vegetables for dinner which scarcely touch the sides of my throat such were my hunger pains!  Now showered with the feet up waiting to watch “Call the Midwife” and “Ripper Street”.  I’m so tired the blister on the sole of my left foot won’t stop me from a deep sleep tonight.