Monday, 11 February 2013

Rain all day!

No photos because the connection was so slow! Sad smile

We woke to a cold and rainy day so I was slightly put out when I phoned dear old mum in Perth first thing this morning and was told the temperature was 37ÂșC at her end!  However the novelty of four seasons hasn’t worn off and we would have been prepared to do some boating except the day required us to drive to Stanwell (near Heathrow) to meet an old friend for lunch. 

The towpath was already covered in water and it was only going to get worse during the day as there were a large number of canoeists and their supporters about to use the stretch of the towpath we’re moored on as the start point for an event.  You have to admire the determination (or is it stupidity?) of these enthusiasts.  Who would want to go canoeing on a cold and rainy day.  Wet head, wet arms and a wet backside <brrrrr>.  As we drove east on the M4 a group of Sunday runners jogged over a pedestrian overbridge in front of us.   More crazy brits!

We had lunch at The Bells in Staines.  It is located very close to the Thames River Path and we could probably reach it on Waiouru if we could find a mooring.  The food was excellent.  Jan had the roast beef and I had the roast lamb.  For dessert we both chose the sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream. 

On the return journey the weather was even worse with the cats & dogs being replaced by lions & hyenas.  Our concerns about the condition of the towpath proved well founded as we had to almost wade down a river of mud and water to get back on board.  I had unsuccessfully attempted to start the Hurricane heater remotely by text message so I need to go back and look a the configuration file.  It would have been nice to return to a warm boat but it wasn’t to be……. Perhaps next time!

Another early start tomorrow as I need to get the car back to Enterprise in Newbury.

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