Friday, 8 February 2013

I was sure there was an elephant!

This afternoon Jan and I wrapped ourselves up to keep warm and walked the towpath back the the farm to see if we could find the elephant that I’m sure I had a glimpse off whilst walking at dusk yesterday evening .  Despite comments made after yesterdays post, my observations were not the result of  recreational chemicals induced hallucination or excessive consumption of strong liquor.  Jan can confirm there is an elephant as we both saw it on today’s walk.  Moreover I took the camera and have a photo to prove it.

The poor bugger has been chained to a mooring bollard!

Part of the walk took us beside the River Kennet.  The water level has fallen and the current isn’t as fierce as last week.  However with more rain forecast that situation could reverse.  The fields are still saturated, although the early spring crop is making a valiant effort to avoid drowning!

Jan has tried a new bread recipe.  No sugar or salt.  Actually there are only three ingredients; flour, yeast and water.  It turned out to be delicious, especially as I got to eat the end crust covered with a thick slice of butter <yum>!

This afternoon I spent some time tidying up the wiring behind the TV in the saloon.  Most of it was urgently thrown in when fitting out Waiouru and I now need to go back and unravel the “birds nest” and clip the cable runs neatly.  Jan carried on knitting her cardigan whilst simultaneously watching TV.  Unfortunately, being a fella, I can’t multi-task!

We have taken advantage of a special weekend hire rate from Enterprise and booked a small car for the next three days.  It will be an opportunity to purchase some bulky items on our “required” list, plus allow us moles a brief respite from the steel tube.  No doubt we will find somewhere interesting to go!


Bruce in Sanity said...

If you think that's an elephant, you're making a mammoth mistake!



Tom and Jan said...

Yes, in the daylight I could see it was a mammoth error on my part. Very rare!

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

One Hell of a Garden Ornament should keep the rabbits of the lawn