Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hammering in the pins…..

Well it’s the only hammer we currently own! Smile

The pins are for the plate hangers I purchased from Hombase this morning.  I must say trying to nail home a tiny pin with a 4.5lb club hammer isn’t easy. 

More than a year ago I stumbled upon three porcelain plates of canal scenes going for a very cheap on eBay and bought them.  Today was plate hanging day!

Two in the bedroom so I can wake to them in the morning and one on the side of the cabin the saloon.

Jan isn’t very keen on them complaining there is too much “railway” in them! 

Whilst out shopping for essential supplies this morning I noticed a small billboard at the checkout counter of a major supermarket chain.  It was and advertisement for car insurance and stated more than 10% of the supermarket’s customers would be eligible for a third off their annual premium.  That sounds good until your reverse it.  90% of customers will NOT be eligible for a third off .Smile  Marketing spin!  Back at Waiouru we received an email from the CEO of Tesco informing us of his concern about the recent horsemeat contamination scandal.  Philip went on to tell us Tesco is developing a plan “to build a world class traceability and DNA testing system.” They will have a website where customers will be able to check what products have been tested.  I must be getting old and cynical.  Why didn’t they already have a testing system? When I ran a construction company we regularly ran compliance tests on products supplied by sub contractors.  This smells more to me of an attempt to control self regulation before central government regulates a more comprehensive and expensive system.

Paul (Waterways Routes) left a comment that the Picasa link to the photos on the blog wasn’t working.  They work for me, but then I probably have different ‘viewing rights’ as the originator.  Looking around in the Picasa settings didn’t help much but then I realised Google has also done something with Picasa which led me to Google+ where I found some further settings.  Hopefully that has now fixed the problem and if any reader double clicks on a photo it should now load separately or load the entire Picasa album.  Please tell me if they don’t!


Kevin said...

Hi Tom,

I'm sorry to report that I too cannot see your pictures when I click on them...

I get the following error message...


Unable to process request.

Sorry :(

Ray Butler said...

Top plate - Stratford Canal

Middle - Kennet & Avon near Crofton

Bottom - Oxford Canal near Stretton Stop. Nice representation of the Willow Wren pair!

Tom and Jan said...

Oh dear..... back to the settings!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ray..... Thanks for that. What ever I do I must not lose your comment!