Monday, 25 February 2013

Boat Painting

Jan and I made separate visits back to the ABC boatyard today to see the latest boat being repainted.

Both of us had reservations about the colour scheme at the start of the project but now think the colours actually work together.

Tom, the sign writer has already visited and repainted the name.

Whilst I don’t like to stop a man working I did ask Darren to pause briefly from the welding of his brush.  Watching Darren paint has been very interesting and I just hope I’ve learned enough from him to maintain the paintwork on Waiouru.

Outside the tent waiting for Tim’s return is the previous boat.

I had a quick conversation with Darren to discuss when he will have some time to finish the painting on Waiouru.  The first thing we need is some dry and sunny weather.  Then we need it on the days Darren is available……..  Which revolves around the movement of the hire boats.  They usually leave on a Friday and return on a Monday.  Darren doesn’t work on a Thursday and nor does he work a Wednesday when he has been rostered on call during the previous Sunday.  So the weekly window of opportunity is quite small.  But it must be completed by the end of March if we are to achieve our cruising plans.

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