Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Another small enhancement

The day started overcast and dry before turning to snow in the mid afternoon.  Fortunately all our outdoor activities had been completed by then!

During Ray and Diane (nb Ferndale) recent visit they mentioned fitting towel rails under the gunwales which could then be used to dry laundry or wet clothing.  As we have finrads at floor level they suggested the concept might be well suited to to Waiouru.  So today I made a trip in to B&Q a Newbury where two 1500mm (6ft) lengths of 19mm towel rail tubing and fittings were purchased.  The greatest challenge was carrying the tubes on the bus.  It was reasonably full of OAP’s (like me) and I could have easily skewered one or removed an eye.  At least the children are quick on their feet!

Back at Waiouru Jan had started the engine to charge the batteries.  She had also started the inverter and was charging the batteries in the laptop, iPad, walkie-talkies, etc.  Smart move!  Not wanting to have idle hands Jan had also baked two loaves of bread.  One of my favourites; sundried tomato and parmesans cheese.  It tastes delicious with a thick slice of butter. 

The idea was to fit the rails at a height under the gunwale where they would be concealed unless sitting down and we may just have achieved that.

Fitted under the gunwale

Now concealed

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out many boaters have already done something very similar.  We actually have sufficient room in Waiouru to fit 3 metres (12ft) of railing on either side of the saloon but it might make the boat look too much like a chinese laundry and would, I suspect, significantly increase the condensation level in the boat.

I really need to tidy the wiring to the Empirbus nodes and made a start today by purchasing an automatic cable stripper on eBay.  Once Jan realised money was about to be spent I was reminded to place the order through the ‘Nectar’ website to ensure we receive the discount points.  She does the same thing with purchases from Amazon, Sainsburys, Homebase, etc.  All those points are starting to accumulate!   Jan is also using Quidco after reading about it on the blog of No Problem.

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Toni and Ray said...

Thats a very useful rail. Although Ray did say I was nagging. Diane