Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mobile Phone Provider Issues

Sometimes I would just love to send an invoice to service provider companies for all the time I spend trying to rectify their problems!  The latest issue with our second mobile phone network company <grrrr>.

Regular readers will know Waiouru has a communications module which is capable of sending information and receiving commands.  This is done via a mobile phone SIM card which has to be fitted into the module.  Back on 20 December 2013 we purchased a £5 pre-paid SIM card and fitted it into the module.  Since then the boat has been sending us text messages about the status of the on-board systems.  Under the terms of the supply agreement the SIM has to be used at least once every 30 days otherwise it expires.  Additionally the £5 has to be topped up when it gets low.  The mobile phone provider’s system will automatically send a warning notice by text message to the phone when that is about to occur.  Unfortunately this is no use to us as the SIM is in the module and will ignore non standard messages.

I wrote to the mobile phone provider asking if the message could be sent to our other mobile phone (the voice phone which we monitor).  They replied informing us it was not possible to have the message sent to an alternative phone but I could check the outstanding amount on the phone by creating an online account.  They even provided the internet link.  So I attempted to create an account.  As part of the process the website wanted our email address, which I provided.  At the end of the process their website said there was an error and to resubmit the data.  I re-entered the data <another error>.  I re-entered it a third time and this time I was told the email address was already being used.  This confused me and I assumed it was because we already have an account with the same provider back in Australia.  So I then used our backup email address as the UserID.  Another error message <grrrrrrrr>.  Then we receive a system generated email from the provider stating the account had been established using the original email address.  I then attempted to login to the account.  Another error message.  Frustration level was going through the roof so I wrote comprehensive email to the mobile phone providers “Helpdesk”.

This afternoon we received an email reply which didn’t answer any of my queries.  The email stated that the SIM had been de-activated because under the conditions of sale and use the SIM had to be used within the first 90 days or it would be deactivated,  Additionally, the remaining cash on the SIM was forfeit.  The email went on to state that unfortunately they couldn’t reactivate the SIM.

Two things immediately came to mind….

  1. Today is 20 Jan 2013………Card purchased 20 Dec 2012 + 90 days??????  The damned card isn’t older than 90 days!!!!!!!!
  2. The card HAS been used.  I have all the text messages from it on my other mobile phone.

So I went to our normal phone and sent the boat communications module two text queries.  AND PROMPTLY RECEIVED TWO RESPONSES.  The card is still active!!!!!

But I still can’t login to our account on their website.  So I’ve had to send yet another email attempting to get them to fix the website access problem.  Why do I feel like I’m feeding bucket loads of caviar to a donkey!


Nb Duxllandyn said...

Poor Tom!
What with mobile phone providers and snow plough drivers 2013 isn't being very kind to you is it!
You must try and relax more. All this high tension won't do you any good at all.



Tom and Jan said...

Hi Marian,
Lovely to hear from you. You may find today's post particularly interesting!
Tom & Jan