Friday, 25 January 2013

Lazy Day

It was a rather casual day with Jan doing significantly more than me.  She baked a lemon drizzle cake in anticipation of Bill’s visit tomorrow.  Do I have to share???  Winking smile

Some unusual and unexplained urge had me retrieve the vacuum cleaner hoover from the base of the wet locker and hoover vacuum the floors.  Jan did point out afterwards that I should have dusted all the shelves and cleaned the two recliner chairs before playing with the vacuum cleaner.  But I’m not domesticated so she shouldn’t be that surprised! 

Meanwhile the marina staff struggled to remove the inflatable paint tent off the completed boat and move it over the adjacent boat which is the next to be painted.  After painting this next boat Darren has two hire boats to paint in time for the 2013 season.  He’s going to be a busy man! 

Later in the afternoon I went for a walk.

Back at Waiouru we received a text message from…… ME!  What I’ve done is to use Google Calendar to create time based events for maintenance on Waiouru.  Google then sends us a text or email reminder to complete the work.  So tomorrow it’s back to the garden shed to do the monthly check on the Hurricane heater.

I’m not much good a html but I’ve been wanting to know how to embed a hyperlink in a blogger comment.  Today I overcame my inertia and did some research.  If you don’t know how to embed a link then copy and modify this short piece of code

<a href=the address of the link>the text you want to appear in the comment</a>   

This is an example: 

<a href=>link here</a>    All you should see in the published comment is   link here  and if the word/phrase is clicked you should be taken to the linked website.


Paul - from Waterway Routes Maps and DVDs said...

Somebody seems to have hoovered up the quotation marks around the href address which should be

<a href="">link here</a>

When you use them for real then remember that search engines pick up links better if you don't use generic phrases like "link here" but use a descriptive phrase like "Waterway Routes"

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Paul,
The use of double quotation marks is interesting. I haven't used them and yet my link in the comment (previous post) works? However I will use them in future just to be sure!

Paul - from Waterway Routes Maps and DVDs said...

If you look at the source code for the published page then it has double quotes around it. Blogger must have guessed what you really meant and changed it for you - but it's best not to leave Blogger to do things for you as it sometimes misinterprets what you meant.

I also see that blogger has added a “nofollow” tag so search engines won’t index the referenced page.

Tom and Jan said...

OK.... your last sentence is beyond my level of knowledge. I'll have to do further research!